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EVIEN - Evolving Innovation Environments



Mika Kautonen, TaSTI, EVIEN

Mika Kautonen,  Ph.D. (Regional Studies, UTA)

Mika Kautonen is Senior Researcher and Head of the Innovation Studies at the Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI), University of Tampere, Finland. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics.

He has conducted and been in charge of numerous research projects focusing on innovation systems and environments and their spatial dynamics; territorial innovation models and theories, especially the regional innovation system approach; firms’ innovation processes and related interactions; knowledge-intensive services and innovation policies; and globalization of innovation and of innovation environments. He has consulted and lectured internationally, nationally and regionally in these issues and has approximately 100 scientific and professional publications related to his research interests.

Among the research projects, Kautonen was involved with the EU 3FP project Regional Innovation Systems (REGIS, 1996-8) and later with the 5FP comparative study City Regions as Intelligent Territories. In 2007, he was the Chairman of the Local Organizing Board and of the Scientific Board of the XVII International RESER (the European Association for Research on Services) Conference in Finland. Kautonen has recently finished a long-term research programme on the role of knowledge-intensive business services in innovation systems. At present, he is coordinating a research programme “Evolving Innovation environments” [EVIEN, 2010-2018] together with Mika Raunio. His current key research project is "Co-creation of a Namibian Smart Community" which involves collaboration between University of Tampere, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Namibia University of Science and Technology and University of Namibia as well as a number of Finnish and Namibian private companies and other stakeholders. SmartCom is interested in inclusive innovation in a context of a developing country.

Regarding his educational activities, Kautonen is the co-coordinator of the International Globelics Academy Ph.D. Programme in Tampere (2008, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017). He is also a member of the scientific board of the European Ph.D. Programme on Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies, coordinated by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Currently he supervises four doctoral theses.

Mika Kautonen is engaged with several activities outside the academia related to innovation policies including Demola, the open innovation laboratory. He is also a member of the Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (Working Group for Social Sciences).

Mika RaunioLicentiate in Administrative Sciences

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Anna Ciechomska has very recently joined the Innovation Studies Group of TaSTI. More information will follow...

Nadja Nordling, Master in Administrative Sciences, Ph.D. Candidate (Regional Studies)

Nadja Nordling is a researcher of the Innovation Studies Group of TaSTI. Shehas worked as a Conference Secretary for Globelics Academy - the international Ph.D. School for innovation and economic development. She is a Ph.D. Candidate in Regional Studies, working on her dissertation concerning spatial knowledge creation processes and innovation platforms as the intermediaries between local and global knowledge.

Nordling is concerned with themes such as innovation and innovation platforms, innovation policies and spatial knowledge-creation processes. She has been involved with research projects such as Towards Inclusive Use of Intellectual Capital - INCO (Tekes), which concerned how innovation communities may integrate foreign human capital to the Finnish innovation activities.  In the project she, for example, conducted case studies in Sweden and Brazil, and gathered information of international communities in Finland. In Sweden the case study (conducted in co-operation with Lund University, CIRCLE) explored how selected international innovation communities and - platforms involve global human capital to innovation activities, and in Brazil the study focused on three Microsoft Innovation Centres (Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza) and their role in local innovation processes. Her Master´s thesis was built on the same theme, focusing on the role of innovation platforms in integrating global human capital into innovation activities. Her thesis tackled the theme with the case studies of Demola (Finland) and Microsoft Innovation Centres (Brazil).

Nordling has conducted her internship as a part of the research project Enabling Innovation Beyond National Systems of Innovation - IBIS (Tekes), that explored trans-nationalizing innovation policy-models in Finland. In the project she familiarized with literature concerning innovation communities and conducted a literature review of the topic. She has also been involved with Globelics Academy since 2013 as the event´s conference secretary.

Olga Ustyuzhantseva is a Visiting Researcher of TaSTI, faculty of Social Science, University of Tampere. In 2014 she got her PhD in history by conducting research on science, technology and innovation development of India. Being a Head of Russian-Indian Center for cooperation in education, science and technology, Olga participated in the Russian-Indian intergovernmental working group on science and education and was a coordinator of establishing the Russian-Indian Association of Higher Education Institutions. Her current research interest is investigating changes of innovation systems occurring due to the growth of innovative activity of society (innovation for inclusive development).

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