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Faculty of Social SciencesUniversity of TampereFaculty of Social Sciences
EVIEN - Evolving Innovation Environments

At the moment, there are three ongoing projects:

» Enabling Innovations Beyond National Innovation Systems [IBIS]- A comparison of policy models 1/2011-1/2013

» Towards Inclusive Use of Intellectual Capital- Innovation communities integrating foreign human capital to the Finnish innovation activities [INCO] 1/2013 – 1/2015

» Open Innovation on the Borderline of University-Enterprise Cooperation [Open-UNIC] 1/2013- 12/2014

» Knowledge Intermediation in Innovation Systems: Channels, Platforms and Processes 1/2010-12/2012

» Co-creation of a Namibian Smart Community [SmartCom] 6/2016-6/2018

Co-creation of a Namibian Smart Community [SmartCom] research project aims to combine the development and business goals in the context of African urban development. The project studies, through a practical engagement, especially the concepts of responsible, inclusive and systemic innovation. University Tampere in co-operation with VTT conducts the project funded by Tekes BEAM programme (Business with Impact) and company consortium. 

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Open Innovation Platforms in Urban and Regional Development 5/2015 - 1/2018

The six largest cities in Finland have joined forces to tackle their common urban challenges. The Six City Strategy 
(6Aika) is implemented with cooperative projects which enable the cities to experiment in a larger context than just one city. They engage the
 whole urban community to create smarter and more viable cities. Tampere univeristy is working in co-operation with Tampere Regional Council is a sub-project developing the management tools to foster the OIP appraoch in the urban and regional innovation policy desing. For more about project results and communication in Tampere visit:

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VipuvoimaaEU_2014_2020_rgb EU_EAKR_ESR_FI_vertical_20mm_rgb    6aika-logo


Mainstreaming Responsible Innovation in European S3 (MARIE) 5/2017 - 12/2019

In MARIE, partners from 8 regions face these challenges together in the context of their smart specialisation priority sectors. Their objective is to improve regional public policy that supports delivery of RRI to enterprises’ product, process and service design, production and distribution. Changes are expected in projects funded by policy instruments and in policy management structures and strategic focus, including integration of RRI criteria and RRI as a horizontal concept. In Tampere region Univeristy of Tampere and Tampere Regional Council are working together to study and foster the use of the RRI in the regional innovation policy design. 


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Project manager Mika Raunio

Campusbased competence building for social welfare and healthcare services 8/2018 - 7/2020

The main goal of the project is to create a new research, development and innovation ecosystem concerning the social welfare and healthcare service reform in South Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa and Satakunta regions in Finland. The model of an innovation ecosystem describes how collaboration and co-creation activities are organised in social welfare and healthcare and how research and competencies are linked to regional economy and economic renewal through development and experiment activities. In Pirkanmaa Tampere University and University of Applied Sciences, In Satakunta the University Consortium of Pori and in South Ostrobothnia the University Consortium of Seinäjoki.

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