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Salminen, Tapio

Tapio Salminen


Research fellow

Room: Pinni B3069
Admittance: At request
Phone: 050 318 6207

I am a historian and medievalist specialized in medieval, pre-industrial and longue durée history of the Baltic Sea area. My themes of interest include:
  • Textualisation and management of information and communication in administration from 13th to late 15th Century
  • Forms and uses of medieval written communication and textual practices
  • Every-day multilinguality and use of languages
  • Public roads and travelling in the Baltic Sea area and Northern Europe from prehistory to present
  • Landscapes of power
  • Road as a space
  • High medieval legatine representation
  • Medieval piracy in the Baltic
  • Human activity and the relationship between local society and environment in "longue durée"
  • Local and translocal in the every-day communication, travelling and networking of people, groups and layers of society and in the pre-industrial and industrial era
My PhD-thesis "Obscure Hands – Trusted Men. Textualization, the Office of the City Scribe and the Written Management of Information and Communication of the Council of Reval (Tallinn) before 1460. Tampereen yliopisto, Historia, 2016." Open Access:

Current projects:
  • Written management of information and uses of textual technologies in the administration of Raseborg castle (W Nyland) from the 1370s to the year 1558.
  • Nottbecks and Rauchs – Aspects in transgenerational habitus and translocal identity of two Baltic German families in the western fringes of imperial Russia from the 18th Century to the year 1907
  • "The Devil's Driven David" - The Peasant Uprising of 1438 and early Scandinavian Union Era Society in Tampere area and Finland.
My major referee articles and monographs include:
  • Suuri Rantatie - Stora Strandvägen. Tiemuseon julkaisuja 7. Helsinki 1993.
  • Pohjanmaan tiet ja tieverkko vuoteen 1635. Pohjanmaan kautta - Via Österbotten. Tiet ja tieliikenne Pohjanmaalla keskiajalta 1990-luvulle - Vägar och vägtrafik i Österbotten från medeltiden till 1990-talet. Toim./Red. Timo Haavisto. Tiemuseon julkaisuja - Vägmuseets publikationer 15. Jyväskylä 1997.
  • Multilinguality and Written Correspondence in the Late Medieval Northern Baltics - Reflections of Literacy and Language in the Communication between the Council of Reval and the Finnish Bailiffs. Das Mittelalter. Perspektiven mediävistischer Forschung. Zeitschrift des Mediävistenverbandes. Band 2, Heft 1. (1997), s. 151-162.
  • In the Pope’s Clothes: Legatine Representation and Apostolical Insignia in High Medieval Europe. Roma, magistra mundi, Itineraria culturae medievalis. Mélanges offerts au Père L.E. Boyle à l’occasion de son 75E anniversaire. Louvain-la-Neuve 1998, s. 339-354.
  • The earliest Missives and Missivebooks of the Council of Reval - Some Remarks on the Management of Information in Fourteenth Century Town Administration. Vervaltung und Schriftlichkeit in den Hansestädten. Hrsg. von Jürgen Sarnowsky. Hansische Studien XVI. Hansische Geschichtsverein. Porta Alba Verlag, Trier, 2006, s. 123-134.
  • Mit Schrift und Mund: Schriftlichkeit in die Kommunikation des Revaler Rats Von Stadtschreiber Hermannus bis Joachim Muter (1374-1456). Die Stadt im europäischen Nordosten: Kulturbeziehungen vom Lübischen Recht bis zur Aufklärung. Hrsg von Robert Schweitzer und Waltraud Bastman-Bühner. Veröffentlichungen der Aue Stiftung 12. Helsinki und Lübeck 2001, s. 153-168.
  • Novgorod, Reval and the Finnish Castles - Aspects of Communication and Trade in 1412-1448. Horst Wernicke (Hrsg.) Beiträge zur Geschichte des Ostseeraumes. Vorträge der ersten und zweiten Konferenz der Historiker des Ostseeraumes (SKHO) Katzow 1996/Greifswald 1998. Greifswalder Historische Studien 4.Verlag Dr. Kovač, Hamburg 2002, s. 53-65.
  • Common Road, Common Duty - Public Road, Private Space?: King Magnus Eriksson's law and the understanding of road as a space in late medieval Finland and the Swedish realm. Scandinavian Journal of History, Volume 35, Issue 2 June 2010, s. 115-134.
  • Common, imposed or public? Aspects on the understanding of roads in late medieval and early modern Finland. Ajalooline Ajakiri - The Estonian Historical Journal, 2009, 3/4 (129/130), s. 373-382.
  • Fishing with Monks - Padise Abbey and the River Vantaanjoki from 1351-1429. In: Marjo Poutanen (Ed.), Colonists on the Shores of the Gulf of Finland: Medieval Settlement in the Coastal Regions of Estonia and Finland. Vantaa City Museum Publications, 22. Vantaan Kaupunginmuseo, Lahti, 2011, s. 37-64.
  • Uusmaalaisten Tallinnanperinnöt 1350-1560 - Uusimalaste Tallinna-pärandused 1350.-1560. aastal. Teoksessa/In: Erki Russow (Toim.), Padise ja Vantaa: Keskiaja sild Padise ja Vantaa vahel - Keskiajan silta Padisen ja Vantaan välillä. Padise Vallavalitsus ja Vantaan kaupunki/historiatoimikunta, Tallinn 2012, s. 183-257.
  • The Medieval Holdings of the Tallinn City Archives and the Study of the Finnish Middle Ages. Some Remarks on Early Finnish Contacts with the Ratsarchiv. In: Lea Köiv and Peep Pillak (Hrsg./Eds.) Die Archiven Estlands im europäischen Kontext. Vorträge der Konferenz im Tallinner Stadtarchiv vom 15. bis zum 16 September 2005/Estonian Arcives in the European Context. Papers of the Conference in the Tallinn City Archives on September 15-16, 2005. Verein Estnischer Archivare/Estonian Society of Archivists, Tallinn 2012, s.156-170.
  • Medeltiden i Vanda och Helsinga socken. Vanda Stad, 2015,
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