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After the student has completed all the required studies, they can apply for a Degree Certificate. Degree certificates are issued by the School, once a week during the terms (excluding summer and Christmas holidays). Students should hand in the application for a degree certificate at least two weeks before the desired date of graduation. At this point, all studies should be in the study register, including thesis and maturity test, and they should have gotten final grades for all modules of a minimum of 15 ECTS.

All students of the international degree programmes receive two copies of the degree certificate, one in Finnish and one in English. In addition, all students are issued with a Diploma Supplement for international use, free of charge.

Degree certificate application

Degree certificates are applied electronically in NettiOpsu under Graduation. If you have questions on filling the form, please contact Study secretary Helena Siipo (Linna 6060). Below some general instructions:

  1. Remember to get final grades for your degree programme and any other modules of at least 15 ECTS before you apply for the degree certificate! It is not possible to fill in the form unless you have done so.
  2. Degree programme specific studies: choose your degree programme's advanced studies
  3. Free choice studies: here you can include modules of at least 15 ECTS
  4. Language and communication studies: if you have taken language courses that are not part of your programme advanced studies, choose them here
  5. Other studies: here you can include courses that are not in any of the 1-3 above
  6. If you are taking a Master's degree and have taken any complementary studies in the UTA, please list them in the "Further information regarding the degree certificate application" on the last page of the form.

More information about graduation from UTA's Studies-pages.

Graduation in spring 2017

The last degree certificates are being issued on 21th June. The deadline for certificate applications and course registrations is 14th June.

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony for students who have graduated from the University of Tampere is organized at the end of each term. Students who have graduated during that term will be invited to the ceremony.

Graduation ceremony for graduates of spring 2017 will be organized on 9th June. PROGRAMME

*N.B! Please enroll to the graduation ceremony by 31st May by sending an e-mail to helena.siipo at

Extending the right to study

An extension can be granted for students who are about to exceed their study period. In such cases, the student is required to hand in a detailed study plan for the extra time they are applying for. Students can follow the study time they have left in NettiOpsu. Please see information and instructions. Application times for the extensions are

  • 15 April for students whose study period will end at the end of the spring semester,
  • 31 October for students whose study period will end at the end of the autumn semester.
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