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University internship grants | Erasmus work placement grants | Obtaining credits from the internship

Internship plays an important part in students’ lives: with an internship students are able to combine theoretical academic knowledge with practical skills. The experience through an internship period can also help students modify their plans for the rest of the degree and get perspective for their future goals.

Depending on the degree programme, the internship is either an obligatory or a voluntary part of the studies. In either case students are able to gain credits to their degrees.

If you wish to include an internship into your degree, you will need to confirm the suitability of the internship place with your degree programme before starting the internship.

University internship grants

Students in the international degree programmes at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities can apply for a financial support for doing an internship during their studies. The School grant will not be paid to the grantee, but to the employer, as a support to cover the internship salary costs. The employer pays a salary to their intern during the internship and is eligible to invoice the grant from the university. 

Students can apply for and receive a grant for an internship of minimum of two months. The support from the university, paid to the employer, is 1800 euros / internship (updated 2017), when the employer agrees to pay the intern a minimum wage defined in the terms of collective agreement of the relevant field, or at least 1187 euros per month (in 2017; amount to be checked yearly from Kela). Students may use the grant once during their studies in one degree programme. 

The employer receiving the grant must be Finnish, and located in Finland or abroad. International organisations are not accepted. The employer can be in the public sector, a private enterprise or an organisation.

The student cannot graduate during the internship period, and support cannot be granted for a doctoral student.

The student must always discuss the internship beforehand with their supervising professor. They must get a written document from the professor stating that the internship can be used as part of their degree programme studies.

Online application round for the grants in the international degree programmes at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities is yearly in December, and the decisions will be made in January. For more information, please contact the coordinator of international education, Anna Wansén-Kaseva

More information on finding an internship and on the financial support

Erasmus work placement grants

All UTA degree students have a possibility to apply for an Erasmus work placement grant for a work placement taking place in Europe in one of the Erasmus countries. Erasmus internship can last 3-12 months and the internship place can be either public or private organisation, including NGOs.

Precondition for getting the work placement funding is that the student is able to include the internship into their degree. During the Erasmus+ programme period, students can include up to 12 months of internships into each degree.

Application round for Erasmus work placement grants is twice a year.

More information on the Erasmus work placement grants (see especially the Instructions for Erasmus work placements PDF)

Obtaining credits from the internship

Students can get credits from the internship by wiriting a report and submitting it after the internship. In the School of Social Sciences and Humanities students can, as a rule, include up to 20 ECTS of internships in their degree.The credits can be included in either the student's degree programme studies according to its curriculum, or as free choice studies. Credits exceeding the number of internship credits in the curriculum will be registered as free choice studies.

Instructions on the content of the report and where to submit it can be found on the programme web pages.

Erasmus work placement credits

The credits are determined by the length of the internship and the report:

  • 5 ECTS = 3 months internship and a 5.7. p. report
  • 10 ECTS = 6 months internship and 10-12 p. report
  • 20 ECTS = 12 months internship and 12-15 p. report
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