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Information for the students having successfully applied for the financial support (COSOPO, GTS, PEACE, RES, QSR/PC)

What is the university grant and where can I work with it?
I have been chosen as a grantee – what happens now?
What if I don't find an internship or if I find a fully paid job instead?
I have been chosen on the waiting list – what to expect?

What is the university grant and where and when can I work with it?

The university grants for students' internships are intended to cover a part of the costs of the internship to the employer. The sum of 1800 euros does not correlate with the monthly salary that the employer will pay to their intern. An internship done with the university support must last at least two months, and the grant can issued for an employer who agrees to pay the intern a minimum wage defined in the terms of collective agreement of the relevant field, or a minimum of 1187 euros per month (in 2017; amount to be checked yearly from Kela). The grant will be paid to the employer after your internship.

The employer to receive the grant sum must be Finnish, but in addition to Finland it can also be located abroad. International organisations are not accepted. The Finnish employer can be in the public sector, a private enterprise or an organisation.

The traineeship must be completed during 2017 and the student cannot graduate during the traineeship period.

I have been chosen as a grantee – what happens now?

1. When you continue/start looking for a suitable internship place, please keep in mind that in order to qualify for the internship grant, the internship must fulfil certain general conditions:

  • The internship's length and contents must correspond to the learning outcomes in your degree programme.

  • The minimum level of the intern's salary is determined according to the collective agreement in the field. If there is no collective agreement, the salary should be at least as much as the minimum wage defined in Kela's employment condition (1187 euros per month in 2017)

2. As soon as you are chosen as an intern, please send the following information on your internship to the coordinator of international education, Anna Wansén-Kaseva:

  • Internship period (exact dates)
  • Internship place (name and address of the organization)
  • Job description (short description of your tasks)
  • Contact person in the organization

Only after you have sent these details, an internship contract between UTA and the employer can be concluded. With the contract the University of Tampere authorises the employer to invoice the university for the financial support.

Do not forget to discuss the suitability of the traineeship beforehand with your supervising professor!

3. The employer is responsible for the trainee in accordance with the contracts of employment act and other employers' duties. The employer makes a written contract with the trainee and gives the student a contract of employment or a letter of appointment.

4.  You work and learn – and the employer pays your salary (min. 1187 eur/month)

5.  After the internship, you follow your own degree programme's instructions on how to report and receive credits. The employer invoices UTA and receives 1800 euros.

What if I don't find an internship or if I find a fully paid job instead?

Those students who have not informed about finding an internship before the end of April 2017 will be contacted to know whether they are e.g. still waiting for an application round to end / waiting for an interview.

In case you haven't confirmed your internship by the end of April 2017, the rest of the grants will be released so that the students on the waiting list get an equal opportunity to start looking for an internship. From the beginning of May 2017, the released grants will be allocated on a 'first come, first served basis' either to a student on the grantee list or to a student on the waiting list – the first students to confirm their internships receive a grant as long as there are available grants left.

If you find a fully paid job of for some other reason decide not to use the grant during the year 2017, please inform the coordinator about it as soon as possible.

I have been chosen on the waiting list – what to expect?

In case there are grantees who have not found an internship by the end of April 2017 and secured their grant, students on the waiting list can start booking the grants. You will be informed about the number of available grants. The grants that are still available will be allocated on a' first come, first served basis' - the first students to confirm their internships receive a grant as long as there are available grants left. As soon as you find an internship place in May or later during 2017, please contact Anna Wansén-Kaseva with information on your internship.

Good luck with finding interesting and rewarding internship opportunities!

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