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People - Hub Members

Wisnu.jpg Wisnu Adihartono, PhD from Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Marseille, France
KEYWORDS: Migration, Gender Studies (Gay Studies), Family, Sociology of everyday life, Southeast Asian studies wisnuadi.reksodirdjo(at)
agnidakis.jpg Paul Agnidakis, researcher, lecturer, University of Uppsala, Sweden
KEYWORDS: Rural lifestyle migration, urban/rural, mobility, translocality, belonging
Anya Ahmed Anya Ahmed, Professor of Social Science, University of Salford, UK
KEYWORDS: ageing, retirement migration, Spain, community, structural narrative analysis, transnationalism
Ulrika Åkerlund Ulrika Åkerlund, senior lecturer, Karlstad University, Sweden
KEYWORDS: Lifestyle mobilities, place meanings, rural development, co-existence, production and performance of lifestyle mobility ulrika.akerlund(at)
altundal.jpg Merve Altundal Öncü, PhD student,  Ankara University, Turkey
KEYWORDS: Turkey, rural gentrification, protected areas, lifestyle migration in mountain areas, rural development merve.altundal(at)
Remus Gabriel Anghel Remus Gabriel Anghel, Researcher, The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, Romania.
KEYWORDS: migration, transnationalism, development and lifestyle, Romania
Baldelli.jpg Debora Baldelli, PhD,, member of CRIA (Centre for Research in Anthropology), FCSH, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
KEYWORDS: lifestyle mobility, , festivalization of religion, musical practice, , migration and the city, autoethnography, practice-as-researchbaldelli(at), Deb.baldelli(at)
Eve Bantman Bantman-Masum, Eve, Senior Lecturer, Université Jean Jaurès, France
KEYWORDS: lifestyle migration to/from North America (Mexico,United States, Canada)  transnational entrepreneurs, the mobility industry bantman.eve(at)
beck.jpgSylvain Beck, Associate Post-Doc at GEMASS (CNRS/Paris-Sobonne), Reader in Social Work, IRTS-IDS Normandy, France
KEYWORDS: French abroad, Expatriation, Self-Transformation, Ordinary cosmopolitanism, Everyday life                   sylvain_beck(at)
Benson.jpgMichaela Benson, Reader in Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
KEYWORDS: Theorizing lifestyle migration, class and migration, Brexit, British in Rural France, North Americans in Panama michaela.benson(at)
Charles BettyCharles Betty, PhD, Northampton University, UK
KEYWORDS: Spain, lifestyle migration, narrative analysis, community, older people cbetty47(at)
Pola Bousiou Pola Bousiou PhD (Anthropology), MA (Screen Documentary), ongoing PhD with film, Goldsmiths College, UK
KEYWORDS: ethnographic fiction, autobiographical filmmaking, bohemian and solitary lifestyles, Greece
polaoff (at)
jasna.jpgJasna Capo, senior research fellow, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia
KEYWORDS: transnational migration, Croatian diaspora and returnees, lifestyle migration (retirement, hipster)
Casadodiaz.jpgDr Maria A. Casado-Diaz, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England, UK
KEYWORDS: retirement migration, tourism-related mobilities, visiting friends and relatives, Spain, social capital and leisure lifestyles
chen.jpgQiujie Chen, PhD candidate, École Pratique des Hautes Études -  Université Paris Sciences et Lettres, France
KEYWORDS:  lifestyle mobility in China, residential tourism, middle class, subculture, tourism economy
cognard.jpgFrançoise Cognard, Associate Professor, University of Clermont-Auvergne, France
KEYWORDS: amenity migrations, rural in-migration, rural gentrification, Dutch residents in France, retirement migration in Portugal, lifestyle migration in French Polynesia  francoise.cognard(at)
Dr Daniel Conway Dr Daniel Conway, Lecturer, Department of Politics and International Studies, Open University, Loughborough, UK
KEYWORDS: South Africa, British diaspora, whiteness, lifestyle migration, privileged migration
Croucher.jpgSheila Croucher, Professor, Miami University, USA.
KEYWORDS: privileged mobility, Americans in Mexico and Canada, transnational politics, gender.
Anthony D'Andrea Anthony D'Andrea,
Director of Research and Planning, San Jose Group (Chicago, USA)
KEYWORDS: globalization, counterculture, bohemian, Techno, rave, New Age, Ibiza, Goa, Brazil
cdavila.jpgClaudia Dávila Valdés, Profesor Investigador, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mexico
KEYWORDS: Mérida, retirement migrantions, families migrations, Americans, Europeans claudia.davila(at)
DenmanJared Denman, Fukui Prefectural University, Japan
KEYWORDS: Japanese, Australia, mobility, personal communities, narratives
denman (at)
Marco Eimermann Marco Eimermann, Assistant Professor, Umeå University, Sweden
KEYWORDS: communities, downshifting, entrepreneurs, rural development, small villages, tourism marco.eimermann(at)
gocken.jpg Gökçen Ertuğrul, Assistant Professor, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey
KEYWORDSLifestyle Migration, White Migrations, Privilege Migration, Postcolonialism, Turkey gokcenertugrul(at)
Fiona Ferbrache Dr Fiona Ferbrache, Geography Lecturer, Keble College, Oxford, UK
KEYWORDS: Britons in France, intra-EU migration, Brexit, transnationalism, European mobilities, citizenship
Fiona.ferbrache (at)
Forget.jpgCélia Forget Scientific Coordinator, PhD,Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada KEYWORDS: Mobile lifestyles, recreational vehicle communities, appropriation of territory, ethnography, North America
Gambold.jpgLiesl L. Gambold, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University, Canada                       KEYWORDS: International retirement migration; diverse intentional communities; LGBTQ aging; qualitative research methods; EU & Mexico liesl.gambold(at)
Garcia.jpgInmaculada Hurtado García, Professor, CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Spain         KEYWORDS: retirement migration, medical anthropology, body studies, ageing, Spain (Costa Blanca) inmaculada.hurtado(at)
Gaspar.jpgSofia Gaspar, senior researcher, CIES-IUL, ISCTE, Lisbon University Institute, Portugal KEYWORDS: family lifestyle migration, intra-EU mobility, rural destinations, Portugal, sociology
giner.jpgJordi Giner, asssistant lecturer, Universitat de València, Spain KEYWORDS: Return migration, retirement migration, Spain Jordi.Giner(at)
Heiko Haas Heiko Haas, PhD, Madrid, Spain
KEYWORDS: retirement migration, individualisation, mobility, ageing, transnationalisation of families
hall-kelly.jpg Kelly Hall, senior lecturer, University of Birmingham, UK
KEYWORDS: retirement migration, Spain, EU, care, fourth age, return migration, Brexit
hamanoTakeshi Hamano, Associate Professor, University of Kitakyushu, Japan
KEYWORDS: Japan, Australia, gender, migrant community, tourism hanamo(at)
Hayes.jpgMatthew Hayes, Associate Professor, St. Thomas University, Fredericton, Canada
KEYWORDS:  Global Sociology, Migration, Political Economy, Urban Studies, Social Theory  mhayes(at)
wright.jpgKatie Higgins, Keele University, UK
KEYWORDS: British, Aotearoa New Zealand, lifestyle migration, postcolonialism, cultural imaginaries
Brian A. Hoey Brian A. Hoey, Ph.D., Professor of Anthropology and Associate Dean of the Honors College, Marshall University, USA
KEYWORDS: amenity migration, post-industrial economic change, place and personhood; environmental health; disaster studies; ethnographic methods
holland.jpgClaire Holland, Senior lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
KEYWORDS: vocational migration, migrant work, future of work, work/life balance, Chamonix c.holland(at)
honggang.jpgXu Honggang, Professor, the School of Tourism Management, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
KEYWORDS: tourist related migration, mobility, lifestyle enterpreneur xuhongg(at)
Igarashi.jpgHiroki Igarashi PhD candidate, University of Hawai'i, USA.
KEYWORDS: East Asian transnational families, education and social stratification, residential tourism in Hawaii, gender hirokii(at)
MMichael Janoschka Michael Janoschka, University Academic Fellow for Critical Urban Transformations, University of Leeds, UK
KEYWORDS: citizenship, local political conflicts, political participation, Latin America, Spain
bahar foto.jpg Bahar Kaba, Ph.D. candidate, Ege University, Turkey
KEYWORDS: Urban/Rural/Coastal Lifestyle migration, from Istanbul to Izmir, Representation of place, Place attachment, Place identity baharkaba(at)
Kumiko.jpg Dr. Kumiko Kawashima, Lecturer, Macquarie University, Australia
KEYWORDS: working holiday, youth, labour, consumption, gender, retirement migration, Asia, Japan, Australia      kumiko.kawashima(at)
Kilinc .jpgDr. Nilay Kilinç, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Rijeka, Croatia and Returning Fellow at New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania
KEYWORDS: Return Migration, Euro-Turks, Deportation, Home, Identity, Belonging, Gender                                                  nlyklnc(at)
John Koch-Schulte John Koch-Schulte, Urban Planner, Canada
KEYWORDS: International retirement migration, urban & regional &environmental planning, housing, tourism, second homes, Thailand
Stefan_Kordel.jpg Stefan Kordel, postdoctoral researcher, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
KEYWORDS: retirement migration, rural in-migration, mobilities, home, visual research methods stefan.kordel (at)
korpelaM.jpg Mari Korpela, academy research fellow, Tampere University, Finland
KEYWORDS: bohemian lifestyle migration, India, children, countercultures, ethnography
Laksfoss.jpgAnn Elisabeth Laksfoss Cardozo, associate professor, University of Stavanger, Norway KEYWORDS: Mobility, Retirement Migration, Local History, Transnational relations, meso-level, economic aspects of migration Ann.e.cardozo(at)
bosque.jpgRaúl Lardiés-Bosque, Associate professor, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
KEYWORDS:Retirement migration, Lifestyle migration in rural areas, Counteurbanisation, residental tourism, Spain and Mexico rlardies(at)
lawson.jpgMichelle Lawson, PhD, Associate Lecturer, The Open University, UK
KEYWORDS:migrant identity, online discourse, discourse analysis, media representations of British in France, migration and climate ariege.research(at)
Brenda.jpg Brenda Le Bigot, Associate Professor, University of Poitiers, France
KEYWORDS:Retirement, backpackers, Working Holiday Visas, Morocco, South-East Asia
Maggy Lee.jpg Maggy Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
KEYWORDS: Lifestyle migration, transnational professionals, border and mobilities, Asia, human trafficking
hege.jpg Hege H. Leivestad PhD. Department of Social Anthropology,
Stockholm University, Sweden
KEYWORDS: Mobility, caravanning, material culture, consumption, British in Spain
Omar Lizarraga Morales Dr. Omar Lizarraga Morales, Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, Mexico
KEYWORDS: lifestyle migration, transnationalism, tourism and social effects
lopez.jpg Laura López Romero, PhD, lecturer, University of Malaga, Spain
KEYWORDS: Foreign language press, residental Tourism, Costa del Sol, history of journalism
Catrin Lundström Catrin Lundström, Associate professor, Linköping University, Sweden
KEYWORDS: gender, whiteness, transnationalism, expatriates, Swedish women in Southwestern US, Singapore and southern Spain
catrin.lundstrom (at)
Lynn MastellottoLynn Mastellotto, Assistant Professor, University of Bolzano, Italy
KEYWORDS: relocation narratives, Italy, expat writers, travel and identity, intercultural competence
David Headshot.jpg David Matarrita-Cascante, Associate professor,Texas A&M University, USA
KEYWORDS: Amenity migration, community sociology, community development, community-based tourism, Latin America
Anne McEnany Anne McEnany, Senior Advisor, Conservation & Environment Program, International Community Foundation, USA
KEYWORDS: civic engagement, Latin America, retirees
millerrebekah.jpgRebekah Miller, PhD student, University of Edinburgh, UK
KEYWORDS: Costa del Sol, digital media, geographies of ageing, home, EU referendum rebekah.miller(at)
muller.jpgSeraina Mueller, PhD researcher, University of Basel, Switzerland
KEYWORDS: Swiss in Northern Europe, digital anthropology, network analysis, transnational lifestyles, love and migration
raluca.jpg Raluca Nagy, Research Associate, Asia Centre, University of Sussex, UK
KEYWORDS: migration, tourism, mobilities, medical anthropology, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan
Tim Neal Tim Neal, PhD candidate, University of Sheffield, UK
KEYWORDS: France, anthropology, heritage, landscape, tourism
MelanieNeumann.jpg Melanie Neumann, Embassy of Ireland, Berlin, Germany
KEYWORDS:bohemian lifestyle migration, Berlin, Irish migration, British migration, language meli.-neumann(at)
Roger Norum Roger Norum, postdoctoral research fellow, University of Leeds, UK
KEYWORDS: expatriates, tourism, environment, geopolitics, travel writing, the Arctic, Nepal
Ozlem Nudrali Ozlem Nudrali, Independent Researcher
KEYWORDS: British Retirement Migration in Turkey
Caroline Oliver Dr Caroline Oliver, Associate Professor in Sociology, University College London, Institute of Education, UK
KEYWORDS: rretirement migration, Spain, ageing, community, class
c.oliver (at)
Karen O’Reilly Karen O’Reilly, Professor Emerita, Loughborough University, UK
KEYWORDS: Lifestyle migration of British, to Spain, East Asia, children of migrants, expatriates
ormond.jpgMeghann Ormond, Associate Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
KEYWORDS: health and social care; transnational lifestyle mobilities; tourism, migration and heritage; , medical tourism, Malaysia, Portugal
osbaldistonNick Osbaldiston, Lecturer, James CookUniversity, Australia
KEYWORDS: theory, cultural narratives of migration, Australia, second-homes, community impacts
pinel.jpgJordan Pinel, PhD student, Migrinter/Université de Poitiers, France
KEYWORDS: Retirees from France to Morocco, return migration, residential practices, family and social spaces
rainer.jpgGerhard Rainer, postdoctoral researcher, Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
KEYWORDS:Argentina, amenity/lifestyle migration, tourism-migration nexus, political ecology, globalization
lucie.jpgLucie Remešová, PhD student, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
KEYWORDS:Peru and Morocco, privileged migration, whiteness,bohemian migration, romantic migration, sport tourism, identity and spirituality
Joaquín Rodes Joaquín Rodes, Assistant lecturer, Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia, Spain
KEYWORDS: mobility, European citizens, retirement migration, transnationalism, Region of Murcia (Spain)
Natasa RogeljaNataša Rogelja Caf, Research fellow, Research Centre of the Academy of Science and Arts, Slovenia
KEYWORDS: liveaboards in Mediterranean, new forms of nomadism among Westerners, tourism, maritime anthropology, mobile ethnography
Noel  B. Salazar Noel B. Salazar, Founding Director CuMoRe (Cultural Mobilities Research), KU Leuven, Belgium
KEYWORDS: (im)mobility theory, mothodologies of mobility, life-cycle transition migration, EU, Chile, Indonesia, Tanzania
sampaio.jpg Dora Sampaio, Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute  for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Germany
KEYWORDS: Transnational lifestyle mobilities; ageing (im)mobilities; care; Azores; islands
João Sardinha João Sardinha, Researcher, Open University, Lisbon, Portugal
KEYWORDS: Central Portugal, lifestyle migration and rural resettlement, inter-community bonding, intra-community bridging, lifestyle migrant cyber spaces jmssardinha(at)
simon.jpg Martin Šimon, Researcher, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
KEYWORDS: rural lifestyle migration, counterurbanisation, amenity migration, mobilities, post-socialist countries martin.simon(at)
smith.jpg Barbara E. Smith, MA, lecturer, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada
KEYWORDS: Retirement Migration, Canadians wintering in 55+ seasonal communities, Place Attachment, Sustainable Destination Dev't          smithbarbe(at)
Ana K. Spalding Ana K. Spalding, PhD, Oregon State University, USA
KEYWORDS: Latin America, Panama, islands, environmental change, land tenure
Ilkay Südas Ilkay Südaş assistant professor, Ege University, Turkey
KEYWORDS: Turkey, retirement migration, EU immigrants
tomozeiu.jpg Daniel Tomozeiu, PhD, Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster, UK
KEYWORDS: intercultural communication, Portugal, Scandinavia, migrant entrepreneurs, belonging and identity d.tomozeiu(at)
Kate Torkington Kate Torkington, Professora Adjunta, University of the Algarve, Portugal
KEYWORDS: migrant identities, place-identity, lifestyle migration of families, Algarve, discourse analysis
Rémy Tremblay Rémy Tremblay, Full Professor, Téluq, Université du Québec, Montreal, Canada
KEYWORDS: tourism-based ethnic communities, Canadian tourists in Florida and North America tremblay.remy(at)
Catherine Trundle Catherine Trundle, Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
KEYWORDS: migration and place; retirement migration; cross-cultural marriage; Italy; American migrants
roessel_pic.jpg Julia van Lessen (née Rössel), postdoc assistant, University of Mainz, Germany
KEYWORDS: rural lifestyle migration, counterurbanisation, neighbourhood, Lefebvre's production of space, theories of good life
wallis2.jpg Rachael Wallis, PhD,  University of Southern Queensland, Australia
KEYWORDS: lifestyle migration, Australia, social imaginaries, belonging, identity
VarhaníkWildova Katerina Varhanik Wildova, PhD candidate, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
KEYWORDS: counterurbanisation, bohemian, Andalusia, La Alpujarra, volunteers' networks
Weidinger.jpgTobias Weidinger, research associate, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
KEYWORDS: retirement migration, rural in-migration, regional development tobias.weidinger(at)
Annie WoubeAnnie Woube, PhD, researcher, Uppsala University, Sweden
KEYWORDS: Lifestyle migration, Costa del Sol, transnational belonging, migration stories, translocational positionality, gender annie.woube(at)
Zaban.jpg Hila Zaban, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Kinneret Academic College, Israel
KEYWORDS: Jewish ideological and religious lifestyle migration, Jerusalem, Israel, place making, belonging, gentrification
Ik Young Chang Ik Young Chang, PhD., University of Otago, New Zealand
KEYWORDS: Koreans and migration, sports and leisure in lifestyle migration, risk society and migration, identity politics and migration
ikyoung.chang (at)
Yovcheva.jpg Yana Yovcheva, PhD, independent researcher, Bulgaria
KEYWORDS: Japanese migrants, Europe, gender, mobility, nexus between lifestyle migration and international student mobility
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