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Master's Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

Student Experiences

Read the impressions of our students Silvie Kroeker and Lauren Stevens on diversity within the Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research degree programme, their experiences of studying at UTA and more on these links: 

"For me, the PEACE-programme was an important learning experience in many ways. First of all, the programme offered me a good chance to redirect my studies towards themes I found interesting and important. In addition, our study group was genuinely multicultural and I think we all benefited from that a lot. Our knowledge, language and research skills developed, and we also gained a lot of new social skills and contacts. TAPRI as a mother organisation was very welcoming to us and very supportive, and I had a feeling that we students generally felt at home in the programme."

- Nella-Stiina Nuutinen

"I started studying in the PEACE programme in 2012, in the first generation of students so to say. As a new international programme with various parts of the university involved in it, there were some initial flaws in certain organisational things. However, as the atmosphere was from the start nicely informal and all staff eager to help I did not encounter any issue that could not be solved with some personal initiative. Has anything ever worked perfectly from the start?

The diversity and number of classes offered have grown continuously and I felt my course of study was generally very open. I tried something here and tried something there which I enjoyed a lot. I personally felt, however, the following to be the best part: as a thematically somewhat specialised programme I immediately found myself among like-minded, international people of many different backgrounds. Add to that the small size of the programme and you have a close community of students. I have definitely found many friends for life! And there are new people coming every year..."

- Yannick Poullié

"Studying at the PEACE programme was demanding and rewarding at the same time. The diversity in the nationality of students and the perspectives they brought to class discussions really enriched the experience. I also benefited from the internationally experienced staff especially in the supervision of my thesis and during thesis seminars"

- Melhiku Sinnshaw

“Although there are many Master's degree programmes that offer students the opportunity to study issues relating to peace and conflict, TAPRI's PEACE programme is special because here, students are able to observe and participate in the workings of an operational peace research facility. I feel that this environment was conducive to learning, because not only was I encouraged to engage with TAPRI staff and students alike, building strong professional relationships across the Nordic peace community, but I also had to challenge my own perspectives and understandings of peace and conflict in the contemporary era - through speaking with a diverse group of individuals from all corners of the globe. A truly international and multidisciplinary learning environment, I consider studying at TAPRI to benefit anyone interested in contributing to international peace and conflict.”

- Kate Stulberg

“It does not matter where you study and what you study; what matters is whether you are passionate and dedicated about what you do. There are countless opportunities out there for each of us. The challenge is to be ready to take this opportunities.”

- Armenak Tokmajyan


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