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Master's Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research

Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research Programme in Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa

As a Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research student in the University of Tampere, there exists an opportunity to attend courses in the Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research programme in Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa.

Getting Started

Students may find more information about the courses in Vaasa by contacting the Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research programme's study coordinator at Åbo Akademi University. They will be able to provide more information concerning the current curriculum, course schedules and professors in Vaasa. It is also useful to know that the Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research programme in Vaasa is taught from the perspective of psychology. Therefore, the courses may cover different material than students are used to in Tampere, and extra time should be allocated for preparing to study in Vaasa.

How to Plan My Stay?

Some of the courses in Vaasa are organised as intensive courses, meaning that they only last approximately one week. Therefore, students should plan and inform their professors in Tampere in case there are any clashes. Moreover, students will have to travel to Vaasa by themself. They will also need to arrange accomodation by themselves. Students in Åbo akademi University may offer assistance, and students are also encouraged to contact their student organisation TIPSY ry for assistance. During previous years, some students have attended an intensive course as a group and found affordable accommodation through Airbnb. Trains and buses to Vaasa from Tampere run fairly frequently.

JOO Application

Furthermore, as students in the University of Tampere are not automatically students in Åbo Akademi University, students wishing to attend courses in Vaasa will have to fill in a JOO application for the right to flexible study. The application is important for sharing student information, such as grades, between the two programmes. Once the application link has been opened, the option of Flexible Study Right needs to be chosen. Thereafter, students will sign in as University of Tampere (UTA) students, and fill in the required fields for personal contact information and the course(s) they wish to attend.

PURO Application for Grade Transfer

After successfully completing their course at Åbo Akademi University, students must transfer their grades from Åbo Akademi University to the University of Tampere through the PURO Application for Grade Transfer. Students must first choose their home university from the selection, after which they are able to sign into PURO by using their basic user accounts. They should then choose the course which they took from Åbo Akademi University and select to transfer their grade to the University of Tampere.


Students can also inform their study coordinator at Tampere about the plan to attend courses in Vaasa and gain more assistance.


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JOO Application

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