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PERLA - Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research

PERLA is a multidisciplinary research centre

PERLA is a multidisciplinary research centre that brings together research on childhood, youth and families and offers a venue for multidisciplinary dialogue. PERLA works to improve the quality of childhood, youth and family research at the University of Tampere and strives to facilitate the generation of new innovative research projects and improvements to research activity on the area. PERLAs objective is to improve the social standing and well-being of children, young people and families by advocating a broad, multidisciplinary approach to research and societally relevant knowledge.

The core strength of PERLA lies in its unique research profile that combines children, youth and family. With these themas as a unifying force, the centre is able to build co-operative networks between researchers from multiple fields, thematic areas and research traditions. This opens up new possibilities
for theoretical and methodological innovations on the field.

PERLA seeks to advance the networking of researchers nationally and internationally, and provides a platform for the organization of broad-ranging teaching and event activities between different scientific disciplines. As such the centre maintains a network of researchers from different sciences and university units, provides information on important developments and issues, organizes co-operation between researchers and research groups, actively creates connections to national and international agents of the field, arranges scientific seminars and conferences, works with relevant scientific publishers and reporters, and acts as an outlet for the latest research to both public and academic audience.

History of the centre

PERLA was originally established as a network for childhood and family research in 2001. From its establishment PERLA has unified, strenghtened and advanced teaching and research on the fields of children, youth and family at the University of Tampere. Originally having an emphasis on the social sciences, PERLA began its activities through the collaboration of researchers from the fields of social psychology, sociology and social work. From the year 2002 the unit acted as the official unit of childhood and family research at the University of Tampere. In the year 2011 PERLA broadened its thematic purview to include youth research, and this focus came to be included in the name of the unit. In 2014, the unit was reorganized into a multidisciplinary research centre for childhood, youth and family research.

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