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PERLA - Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research


Research concerning themes of childhood, youth and family is conducted in different disciplines in the University of Tampere

The easiest way to explore the publications is to visit the scientific and artistic database of the university, SoleCRIS. Publications concerning themes of childhood, youth and family can be found with search terms such as youth, adolescence, adolescent, family, child and childhood, or with Finnish terms lapsi, lapsuus, perhe, nuori, nuoruus and nuorisotutkimus.

Here you can find some examples of recent publications discussing childhood, youth and family issues, done in the different faculties and disciplines at the University of Tampere.


Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina; Mills, Sarah & Skelton, Tracey (eds.) (2016) Politics, Citizenship and Rights. New York City: Springer.


Häkli, Jouni & Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina (eds.) (2015) Political georaphies of childhood and youth. Virtual special issue. Editorial. Political Geography.

Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina & Häkli, Jouni (2015) The Beginning of Politics. London and New York: Routledge.

Kangaslampi, Samuli; Garoff, Ferdinand & Peltonen, Kirsi (2015) Narrative exposure therapy for immigrant children traumatized by war: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of effectiveness and mechanisms of change. BMC Psychiatry 2015, 15:127.

Laes, Christian; Mustakallio, Katariina & Vuolanto, Ville (eds.) (2015) Children and Family in Late Antiquity. Life, Death and Interaction. Leuven: Peeters Publishers.

Mustakallio, Katariina & Hanska, Jussi (eds.) (2015) Agents and Objects: Children in Pre-Modern Europe. Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae : 42.

Pösö, Tarja (2015) How the Finnish Child Protection System Meets the Needs of Migrant Families and Children. In: Skivenes, Marit; Barn, Ravinder; Kriz Katrin & Pösö, Tarja (eds.) Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children. New York: Oxford University Press, 19–38.

Skivenes, Marit; Barn, Ravinder; Kriz Katrin & Pösö, Tarja (eds.) Child Welfare Systems and Migrant Children. New York: Oxford University Press.


Alastalo, Marja & Pösö, Tarja (2014) Number of Children Placed Outside the Home as an Indicator – Social and Moral Implications of Commensuration. Social Policy & Administration.

Diab, Marwan; Punamäki, Raija-Leena; Palosaari, Esa & Qouta, Samir R. (2014) Can Psychosocial Intervention Improve Peer and Sibling Relations Among War-affected Children? Impact and Mediating Analyses in a Randomized Controlled Trial. Social Development 23 (2), 212–222.

Ellonen, Noora & Pösö, Tarja (2014) Hesitation as a system response to children exposed to violence. International Journal of Children’s Rights 4(22), 730–747.

Hawdon, James; Oksanen, Atte & Räsänen, Pekka (2014). Victims of Hate Groups: American Youth’s Exposure to Online Hate Speech. In Hawdon James, Ryan John, Lucht Marc (eds.) The Causes and Consequences of Group Violence: From Bullies to Terrorists. Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 165–182.

Häkli, Jouni & Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina (2014) The global as a field: children's rights advocacy as a transnational practice. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 32(2), 329–309.

Jormanainen, Eveliina; Fröjd, Sari; Marttunen, Mauri & Kaltiala-Heino, Riittakerttu (2014) Is pubertal timing associated with involvement in bullying in middle adolescence? Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine: an Open Access Journal 2 (1), 144–159.

Korkiamäki, Riikka (2014) Rethinking loneliness a qualitative study about adolescents' experiences of being outsider in peer group. Open Journal of Depression 4(3), 125–135.

Korpela, Mari (2014) Growing up cosmopolitan? Children of Western Lifestyle Migrants in Goa, India. COLLEGIUM. Studies across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences 15, 90–115.

Mary, Aurélie (2014) Harmful reforms in the Finnish higher education system. In: A. Gretschel, K. Paakkunainen, A-M. Souto and L. Suurpää (eds.) Nuorisotakuun arki ja politiikka. Helsinki: Nuorisotutkimusverkosto (Finnish Youth Research Network), Julkaisuja 150, 162–165. 

Mary, Aurélie (2014) Re-evaluating the concept of adulthood and the framework of transition'. Journal of Youth Studies, 17 (3), 415–429.

Minkkinen, Jaana (2014). Associations between school-related factors and depressive symptoms among children: A comparative study, Finland and Norway. School Psychology International, 35(5), 463–474.

Peltonen, Kirsi; Ellonen, Noora; Pösö, Tarja & Lucas Steven (2014) Mothers’ self-reported violence toward their children: A multifaceted risk analysis. Child Abuse & Neglect 12(38), 1923–1933.

Pösö, Tarja & Laakso, Riitta (2014) Matching children and substitute homes: some theoretical and empirical notions. Child & Family Social Work.

Pösö, Tarja & Eronen, Tuija (2014) Care orders as successful interventions: the social workers' point of view. Child Care in Practice.

Pösö, Tarja (2014) Translation as a knowledge transformation practice – the ambifuous case of presenting Finnish child welfare in English. European Journal of Social Work.

Rutanen, Niina (2014) Lived Spaces in a Toddler Group: Application of Lefebvre’s Spatial Triad. In Harrison, Sumsion (eds.) Lived Spaces of Infant-Toddler Education and Care. International perspectives on early childhood education and development 11. New York: Springer, 17–29.

Rutanen, Niina; de Souza, Amorim; Katia, Colus; Katia, Miguel & Piattoeva, Nelli (2014) What is Best for the Child? Early Childhood Education and Care for Children under 3 Years of Age in Brazil and in Finland. International Journal of Early Childhood.

Torikka, Antti; Kaltiala-Heino, Riittakerttu; Rimpelä, Arja; Marttunen, Mauri; Luukkaala, Tiina & Rimpelä, Matti (2014) Self-reported depression is increasing among socio-economically disadvantaged adolescents - repeated cross-sectional surveys from Finland from 2000 to 2011. BMC Public Health 14, 408.


Ellonen, Noora; Piispa, Minna; Peltonen, Kirsi & Oranen, Mikko. (2013) Exposure to Parental Violence and Outcomes of Child Psychosocial Adjustment. Violence & Victims 28 (1), 3–15.

Forsberg, Hannele (2013) Family Troubles? Contested family practices and moral reasoning – updating concepts of family-related social problems. In McCarthy, Jane & Hooper, Carol-Ann & Gillies, Val (eds.) Exploring Changes and Challenges in the Family Lives of Children and Young People. Policy Press, 305–314

Kallio, Kirsi Pauliina & Häkli, Jouni (2013) Children and young people's politics in everyday life. Special issue editorial. Space & Polity 17 (1), 1–16.

Kupiainen, Reijo (2013) Dissolving the School Space: young people’s media production in and outside of school. Policy Futures in Education 11 (1), 37–46.

Kupiainen, Reijo (2013) Young people’s creative online practices in the context of school community. Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace 7 (1), 8.

Kupiainen, Reijo (2013) Media and Digital Literacies in Secondary School. New York: Peter Lang Publishing. (New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies 59).

Lepistö, Sari & Paavilainen, Eija (2013) The Association between Child Maltreatment and Coping Strategies among Finnish 9th Graders. Child Welfare 91 (6), 103–123.

Mary, Aurélie (2013) Recognising the changing nature of adulthood. In: N. Jentl and J. Kaskinen (eds.) To Be Young! Youth and the Future. Proceedings of the Conference “To be Young! Youth and the Future,” 6−8 June 2012, University of Turku: Finland Futures Research Center, 122–132.

Minkkinen, Jaana (2013) The Structural Model of Child Well-Being. Child Indicators Research 6 (3), 547–558.

Oinonen, Eriikka & Repo, Katja (eds.) (2013) Women, Men and Children in Families. Private Troubles and Public Issues. Tampere: Tampere University Press.

Vuolanto, Ville (2013) Family Relations and the Socialisation of Children in the Autobiographical Narratives of Late Antiquity. In Leslie Brubaker and Shaun Tougher (eds.) Approaches to the Byzantine Family. Aldershot: Ashgate, 47–74.


Lepistö, Sari; Joronen, Katja; Åstedt-Kurki, Päivi; Luukkaala, Tiina & Paavilainen, Eija (2012) Subjective well-being in Finnish adolescents experiencing family violence. Journal of Family Nursing 18 (2), 200–233.

Mary, Aurélie (2012) The Illusion of the Prolongation of Youth – Transition to Adulthood among Finnish and French Female University Students. Tampere: Tampere University Press.

Mustakallio, Katariina & Laes, Christian (eds.) (2011) The Dark Side of Childhood in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Oxford and Oaksville: Oxbow Book.

Sipilä, Jorma; Repo, Katja & Rissanen, Tapio (eds.)  (2010) Cash-for-Childcare: The Consequences for Caring Mothers. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

You may search for research on children, youth and families from Tampere university using the SoleCRIS-research information system, by searching for keywords or the name of the author.

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