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PERLA - Tampere Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research


Consortium: Finnish Childcare Policies: In/Equality in Focus / Team 4

Duration: 2015−2020
Funding: The Strategic Research Council (SRC) at the Academy of Finland

Director: Katja Repo
Researchers: Petteri Eerola, Kaisa Hynynen, Aurélie Mary, Katja Repo and Ella Valtavirta


Redefining Adolescent Learning

Duration: 2015−2019

Funding: Academy of Finland

Director: Arja Rimpelä

Researchers: Pirjo Lindfors, Jaana M. Kinnunen, Jaana Minkkinen, Lasse Pere


Family and intimate relationships: Emotions in focus

Duration: 2015−2018

Funding: Finnish Cultural Foundation

Directors: Petteri Eerola and Henna Pirskanen (JYU)



Duration: 2015−2018

Funding: Horizon 2020/EU

Director: Arja Rimpelä

Researchers: Pirjo Lindfors, Lasse Pere, Jaana Kinnunen, Susanna Lehtinen-Jacks, Heli Parviainen, Leena Koivusilta, Salma El-Amin, Tapio Nummi, Tiina Räsänen, Markus Mikkola, Riittakerttu Kaltiala-Heino, Elise Kosunen


Digital Youth in Media City (DiMe)
Duration: 2016−
Funding: Kone Foundation
Director: Johanna Sumiala
Researchers: Päivi Honkatukia, Yana Krupets, Heta Mulari, Elena Omelchenko, Leena Suurpää and Arseniy Svynarenko


Interactive Options - Everyday interactions in families with small children in the era of ubiquitous media devices

Duration: 2015−2016
Funding: Alli Paasikivi Foundation

Director: Katja Repo
Researchers: Aku Kallio, Sanna Raudaskoski, Satu Valkonen, Eero Suoninen, Katja Repo and Jouko Nätti


Supporting Motherhood: Research of Motherhood and Trust

Duration: 2015−2016

Director: Katja Repo

Researcher: Eija Eronen


Crises in the Lives of Fathers

Duration: 2015−

Directors: Johanna Mykkänen (JYU) and Petteri Eerola

Bridging the Gaps Together: Incentives to establish cross-sectoral cooperation between actors of the youth sector
Duration: 2014−
Director: Aurélie Mary

Decent Life and Sustainable Careers: An inclusive project with university graduates
Duration: 2014−
Responsible researchers: Eriikka Oinonen (UTA) and Lea Henriksson, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

A Lost Generation? Young educated adults under economic crisis
Duration: 2013−2015
Funding: Senior Research Fellowship, the Institute for Advanced Social Research IASR, University of Tampere
Director: Eriikka Oinonen
Researchers: Lea Henriksson

Media, family interaction and children’s well-being
Duration: 2011−2014
Funding: Academy of Finland
Director: Anja Riitta Lahikainen
Researchers: Ilkka Arminen, Tiina Mälkiä, Eerik Mantere, Jouko Nätti, Marjo Pennonen, Sanna Raudaskoski, Katja Repo and Eero Suoninen

Mobile Childhood. Children of Lifestyle Migrants in Goa, India
Duration: 2011–2013
Funding: Academy of Finland
Director: Mari Korpela

Contradictory Reality of the Child Home Care Allowance (CHCA) - CHCA as an option for parents’ work–life choices and its consequences for their work careers.
Duration: 2006–2009
Funding: Academy of Finland
Director: Jorma Sipilä
Researchers: Minna Rantalaiho, Katja Repo and Tapio Rissanen

Preventive health care in maternity and child health (MCH) clinics: Changing professional-client relationship, team work and family-centered model
Duration: 2007−
Funding: University of Tampere, Juho Vainio foundation
Director: Johanna Ruusuvuori
Researchers: Pirjo Lindfors, Riikka Homanen and Sanni Tiitinen

Twentyfive and something. Transition to Adulthood in Europe
Duration: 2006−2009
Funding: Emil Aaltonen Foundation
Director: Eriikka Oinonen
Researchers: Aurélie Mary, Helena Laaksonen, Matti Alestalo and Jenni Nurmenniemi

Families in Europe. Ideology and Realities
Duration: 2005−2008
Funding: Academy of Finland
Director: Eriikka Oinonen

Children's Wellbeing and Media
Duration: 2003−
Funding: Academy of Finland, University of Tampere, Nokia, Elisa Communications, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Foundation of Emil Aaltonen, Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
Director: Anja Riitta Lahikainen

Unequal Childhood: A Study on Children's Life Changes and Wellbeing in the Nordic Countries
Duration: ongoing since 2002
Funding: Academy of Finland, NOS-S (funding ceased, more funding to be applied)
Director: Irmeli Järventie
Researchers: Miia Lähde, Jaana Minkkinen, Markus Kaakinen and Atte Oksanen

NEDIS - Research on Health Promotion of Children and Adolescents

Funding: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Directors: Arja Rimpelä and Leena Koivusilta

Researchers: Pirjo Lindfors, Lasse Pere, Jaana Kinnunen, Susanna Lehtinen-Jacks, Heli Parviainen, Salma El-Amin, Tapio Nummi, Tiina Räsänen, Markus Mikkola, Riittakerttu Kaltiala-Heino, Elise Kosunen

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