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Faculty of Social SciencesTCuPS School of Social Sciences and Humanities University of Tampere
TCuPS - Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology

TCuPS Research Seminar

A research seminar is arranged by the research group. The seminar is a weekly gathering forum for researchers and PhD students working on or interested in themes and processes related to e.g. institutionalism, domestication, governance, globalization and transnational change. The seminar is multidisciplinary and open to researchers at any stage of their career.

Messages about the seminar meetings and papers discussed are sent through the University Moodle system (; you need to apply for access to "Globaalin muutoksen hallinta seminaari" to receive the information.


Programme for Spring 2018

The seminar will be held on Tuesdays 12-14, in Atalpa seminar room 208, if not stated differently. 

23.1. Pertti & Ali : Epistemic Governance - Introduction

30.1. Mohammad Ahsan : Research Proposal (Room Linna 5016)

6.2. Ali : TRT Proposal - Science and Religion (Room Linna 6018)

13.2. Marjaana : Critizism against the Finnish education

20.2. Lauri : Conditional Cash Transfers - Policy analysis 

27.2. Eetu : Idea paper 

6.3. Laia : The Word Austerity in Policymaking

13.3. Taru : Draft (room Pinni B3074 / Time: 13:30-16)

20.3. Pertti & Ali : Epistemic Governance - Book Chapter

27.3. Valtteri : Cross-national Comparisons

3.4.  Lauri : Domestication of Global Policy Norms - Problematisation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Narrative 

10.4. Laia : Idea paper / Jukka : Tieteen auktoriteetti parlamentaarisessa politiikassa

17.4. Vera Centeno : Policy inclusion and civil society empowerment through numbers: a look at the Brazilian educational arena - 1st full draft article

24.4. Rie : 


15.5. Vera Centeno (with Íris Santos): References in the Portuguese educational parliamentary debates: a longitudinal study - idea paper 


28.5. Global and Transnational Research Network Colloquium / Time: 10-16 

29.5. George Thomas   

11.-12.6. Two day seminar




Programme for Autumn 2017

The seminar will be held on Tuesdays 12-14 at Pinni B, Room 3032

12. 9. Marjaana: Project proposal / Riie : Understanding cultural disengagement in contemporary Finland

19.9. Pierluca Birindelli: From the Grand Tour to the Study Tour: International Students’ Narratives

26.9. Taru : To be announced

3.10. Semi, Tina & Riie: "Between legitimization and popularization: The rise of the U.S. cultural products in the culture sections of European quality newspapers, 1960-2010"

10.10. Lauri Heimo: Legitimation and Contestation of Conditional Cash Transfers in Chile

17.10. Break

24.10. Break

31.10. Hanna Rautajoki: Idea Paper

7.11. (double session 12:15-14:45)

        Semi & Taru: "DYNAMICS project and designing the new questionnaire"

        Laia Pi Ferrer: Looking at others in national policymaking: The case of Portugal and Spain in the recent economic crisis.

14.11. Jukka Syväterä

21.11. Valtteri Vähä-Savo

28.11. Laia Pi Ferrer: Idea paper-  The word austerity in policymaking.

5.12. Pertti & Ali : Book Chapter




Programme for Spring 2017

The seminar will be held on Thursdays 10-12 at Pinni B, Room 3032

19.1. First meeting / programme for spring  

8.2. Guest presentation, Mathieu Albert (University of Toronto):  Confined to a tokenistic status: Social scientists in leadership roles in a national health research funding agency 

16.2. Eetu Vento 


9.3. Laia Pi Ferrer: Looking at others in national policymaking: the case of Portugal and Spain in the recent economic crisis

        Ali Qadir & Jukka Syväterä: The moral authority of science in the modern world polity: Cross-national evidence from parliamentary discourse

16.3. Lauri Heimo

30.3. Hanna Rautajoki:Discursive Constitution of the European Union in its Contemporary Challenges

5.4. (Wednesday) Pertti Alasuutari, Valtteri Vähä-Savo & Laia Pi Ferrer: National self-image as a justification in policy debates: an international comparison 

4.5. Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves & Laia Pi Ferrer: Alluding to the dark past of dictatorship  (cancelled)

11.5. Marjaana Rautalin (cancelled)

22.-23.5 Two-day seminar (location to be decided)



Programme for Autumn 2016

The seminar will be held on Tuesdays 10-12 at Pinni B, Room 3032

4.10 Pertti Alasuutari & Petri Ruuska: What does morality mean? The use of moral framing in parliamentary debates

18.10 Guest presentations 

1.11 Guest presentation by Pierluca Birindelli

15.11 Marjaana Rautalin: PISA publicity

13.12 Valtteri Vähä-Savo, Jukka Syväterä & Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves: Standardizing and Advocating through a Meta-organization

19.-20.12 Two-day seminar (location to be decided)

  • Monday, December 19th (9-16)
  • Tuesday, December 20th (9-12)


Programme for Spring 2016

Seminar (usually) on Thursday 10-12 at Pinni B Meeting room 3032

25.2. Petri Ruuska: Speaking about morality in politics

10.3. Li Wang: International associations as a source of the world culture of innovation: the case of IASP (International association of science parks and areas of innovation)

23.3. (Wednesday) Marjaana Rautalin, Pertti Alasuutari & Eetu Vento: Globalization of Education Policies: Does PISA have an effect?

30.3. (Wednesday) Ali Qadir & Jukka Syväterä: The moral authority of science in politics: Cross-national evidence of justifications in parliamentary discourse

7.4. Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves: Grammar of (post 2008) economic crisis

20.4. Valtteri Vähä-Savo & Pertti Alasuutari 


Programme for Autumn 2015

Seminar (usually) on Thursday 10-12 at Pinni B Meeting room 3032

15.10. Pertti Alasuutari & Ali Qadir: Epistemic governance (a book proposal)

22.10. Eetu Vento: Research plan

29.10. Pertti Alasuutari, Petra Auvinen, Hanna Rautajoki & Marjaana Rautalin: Single European Sky

3.11. (Tuesday): Li Wang: Tourist moralities

10.11. (Tuesday): Hanna Rautajoki: Membership categorization and epistemic governance

3.12. Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir: Russian exceptionalism

7.-8.12. (two-day seminar):

  • Pertti Alasuutari: The globalization of rock
  • Laia Pi Ferrer: Research plan on economic crisis
  • Ali Qadir & Petri Ruuska: Morality in politics
  • Jukka Syväterä: The authority of science in national decision-making
  • Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves: Grammar of economic crisis
  • Li Wang: Science parks
  • Valtteri Vähä-Savo & Pertti Alasuutari: U.S. exceptionalism


Programme for spring 2015

Meetings (usually) on Thursdays 10-12 in Pinni B 3032

29.1. Scheduling the program

12.2. Pertti Alasuutari: Interdependent decision-making in a comparative perspective: Is the US an exception?

19.2. Marjaana Rautalin: Rabid internationalization of education policies: truth or illusion?

10.3. (Tuesday, in Pinni B 3074) Lisa Adkins: Assembling unemployment

17.3. (Tuesday) Pertti Alasuutari, Ali Qadir & Marjaana Rautalin: Global and transnational studies Master's programme

26.3. Jukka Syväterä: Introduction; Eetu Vento: Ideological change in political language: the case of neoliberal revolution

10.4. (Friday) Nelli Piattoeva: “Measuring for success”: Transnational policy of educational assessment in the making as seen through the case of READ (Russia Education Aid for Development); Katja Valaskivi: Circulating a fashion. Performance of nation-branding in Finland and Sweden

14.4. (Tuesday) Ali Qadir: How Heresy Makes Orthodoxy: The Sedimentation of Sunnism in the Ahmadi Cases of South Africa

23.4. Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves: tba; Angel Iglesias: The political and the discourses of world order

30.4. TCuPS Business Meeting

25.-26.5. Two-day seminar


Programme for autumn 2014

Meetings (usually) on Thursdays 10-12 in Pinni B 3032 

2.10. Scheduling the program.

16.10. Li Wang & Pia Vuolanto: The bibliometric studies project report.

21.10. (Tuesday) Valtteri Vähä-Savo: Sektoritutkimuksen synty; Crysanthi Kerameos: Aesthetic cosmopolitanism in Finnish dance scene: example of Tero Saarinen company.

30.10. Leena Tervonen-Goncalves: Eurooppalainen terveystiede ja -politiikka.

19.11. (Wednesday) Pertti Alasuutari, Marjaana Rautalin & Jukka Syväterä: International Community as Epistemic Capital. The case of independent children's rights institutions.

18.12. Matti Kortesoja: Concepts, Metaphors, Language and the "Linguistic Turn" in the Imageries of Society and Social Action; Jukka Syväterä: Global policy models: creating, conforming and converging.


Programme for spring 2014

Meetings (usually) on Thursdays 10-12 in Pinni B 3032

23.1. Scheduling the program. 

30.1. Nelli Piattoeva: Power as translation in the global governance of education.

13.2. (13:00-15:00 in Tasti Library) Leena Tervonen-Gonçalves: Vaikuttavuuden vaade ja valta.

27.2. Marjaana Rautalin: PISA in comparative perspective.

13.3. Li Wang: Policy brief on innovation communities in Finland.

10.4. Pertti Alasuutari: Neoinstitutionalist Cultural Sociology. 

8.5. (Double session, 10-13) Jukka Syväterä: Institutionalization of ethical policy advice AND Ali Qadir: Hereticization of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan: Doxa, discourse and supplementarity.

15.5. (Double session, 10-14) Matti Kortesoja: Social action conceived as language in a domain of articulations AND Angel Inglesias Ortiz: War on drugs in Mexico.

21.5. (Wednesday, Double session, 10-14) Pertti Alasuutari & Marjaana Rautalin: Implementation of the Single European Sky Initiative AND Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir: tba

5.6. (Double session, 10-13) Pertti Alasuutari: Synchronization of national policies AND Valtteri Vähä-Savo: Tieteellisistä virastoista sektoritutkimusjärjestelmään. 

10.-11.6. TCuPS two-day seminar.


Programme for autumn 2013

Meetings (usually) on Thursdays 10-12 in Pinni B 3032

19.9. Pertti Alasuutari & Ali Qadir: Introduction to the edited book National policy-making - Domestication of global trends AND Pertti Alasuutari & Ali Qadir: Epistemic governance: An approach to the politics of decision making. 

23.9. (Monday) Laura Valkeasuo: About research funders' identities and interests in European science policy and international research funding cooperation.

3.10. Oscar Miranda & Angel Iglesias: Mexico's War on Drugs in the international press.

17.10. Valtteri Vähä-Savo: Valtion tutkimuslaitos ja tutkimustoiminto.

24.10. Johanna Hiitola: Hallittu vanhemmuus.

31.10. Ali Qadir: Transnational synchronization in the hereticization of the Ahmadiyya: The modern world implicated in Islamic crises

6.11. (Wednesday) Marjaana Rautalin: Review of parliamentary debate literature.

13.11. (Wednesday) Matti Kortesoja: Articulation of the whole structure of society or the partial fixation of nodal points in practice.

21.11. Olli Herranen: Change in public administration as an engine of the change of the welfare state.

28.11. Elina Mikola: EU:n päästökauppajärjestelmän toimeenpano: episteemiset kamppailut AND Valtteri Vähä-Savo: Valtion tutkimuslaitokset, tarkastustoiminta ja neuvontatyö episteemisen hallinnan näkökulmasta.

3.-4.12. Two-day seminar on epistemic governance, Tallinn, Estonia.

13.12. (Friday 14-16) Jukka Syväterä: Making a transnational policy model: The case of "national bioethics committee".

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