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IEHG news


IWA Regional Symposium on Water, Wastewater, and Environment:
Traditions and Culture
will be held in Patras, Greece, March 22-25, 2014


New Publications


Water Services Management and Governance. Lessons for a Sustainable Future.

Katko T., Juuti P. & Klaas S. (eds.). Rajala R. (Assistant Editor). 2013. IWA Publishing.

ISBN: 9781780400228

IWA Publishing

"This welcome addition to the literature on water governance is a timely, thorough, and practical set of assessments of management challenges facing water service providers around the world. The diverse set of case studies, many of which focus on reforms to water supply provision, will be of interest to students and practitioners  alike."
KAREN BAKKER, Professor/Canada Research Chair, Director of the Program on Water Governance, The University of British Columbia

"The anthology makes a very useful contribution to speed up the slow political awakening of reaching universal water services coverage: The lack of water services is in most cases not due to shortages of water, money and technologies, it is rather about poor governance. It provides many different insights from various cultural and political contexts and outlines and explains current changes in the governance architectures of water supply and sanitation."
DR. HAKAN TROPP, Director, Water Governance Facility, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)



Municipal Engineers in South Africa before 1910
Mäki, Harri
Tampere: Tampere University Press, 2013
ISBN: 978-951-44-9067-5

Tampere University Press, ePublications - Verkkojulkaisut

The first town engineers in the area of current South Africa were appointed in the 1850s in Cape Town, Grahamstown and Pietermaritzburg. This book examines these first town engineers and their successors until the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910. The focus of the study is on the engineers themselves; who were they; what their background was; where they came from and where they went. It is not so much about what they did but what their relationship with town councils and other municipal decision makers was. The study looks also at the appointment process and the reasons why municipalities decided to appoint town engineer at the first place.
The study constructs first the chronological sequence of events and then looks at the various aspects systematically. From these analyses is built a picture of a municipal official with a precarious position at the mercy of money-minded town councillors. In many cases town engineers were made scapegoats of unpopular decisions made by councillors. Only in a few cases could a town engineer survive these confrontations.
Although the book deals with engineers, reading this book does not require any special knowledge of engineering. It is aimed to those who are interested in the working of the municipal government and the roles of individual officials in it.

Water History Conference - June 2013 - Montpellier

The International Water History Association holds its next conference in Montpellier, southern France between June 25 and 29, 2013.



New Project

Water as Social and Cultural Space: Changing Values and Representations

The aim of the project is to understand the meanings of water and how water, as an essential life-vitalizing element, plays a conceptual role in cultural orientation both in global and local contexts and how cultural practices intersect with environmental concerns. Water will be understood as a geographical and physical construct, as well as a cognitive and cultural construction. It is our aim to underline the polyvalence of meanings, and values given to water. At stake are the economic, social and political implications of the cultural representations of water. The project aims to enlarge knowledge of the large reservoir of symbols, metaphors and imagery of water; to enhance the capacity and competence for the future governance of sustainable water issues; to enhance critical knowledge of the technological infrastructure as part of the social imagination; and to create a productive methodological dialogue between literary, language and cultural studies, historical, and environmental studies, and engineering.

More information from this link.

Ympäristöhistoria Finnish Journal of Environmental History (YFJEH)

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New article:

“A Case for Strong Municipal Governance: The Water Supply of Pretoria 1855–1935” by Johannes Haarhoff, Petri Juuti & Harri Mäki in South African Historical Journal. 

Available from this link.

Story about our new book in Science Magazine Interface from this link. Download pdf file from this link.


New book:

"Yhteistyöllä voimaa" -book by Juuti & Rajala

Water Fountains In The Worldscape. (Eds.)Hynynen A., Juuti P. & Katko T. More information from this link.

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Dr. Petri Juuti was selected as a Docent on the year 2011. This Award was given to him by the Association of Docents of Tampere Region, Finland. More information from this link. See also pages of Association of Docents of Tampere Region (in Finnish).

New journal was started this May. In the Argumenta 1 seminar 24.5.2011 we launched Ympäristähistoria Finnish Journal of Environmental History in this website.

Plunge into Water [Loikkaus veteen] 24.5.2011

Water and Society – Argumenta seminars 2011-12 in Tampere

Management of water resources and water services are currently under public discussion worldwide. A multidisciplinary series of seminars focusing on long-term development of water services and communities will be held in Tampere starting next spring. The seminars aim at creating and promoting discussion and presenting the views of researchers of various fields to decision-makers. Argumenta funding is intended to stimulate dialogue between researchers in different fields of science on significant current subjects of research. From time to time the Finnish Cultural Foundation requests proposals from university departments or scientific organizations for initiating Argumenta projects. Our Water and Society (In Finnish: Vesi ja yhdyskuntien kehitys) Argumenta series is funded for 2011-2012.

The 1st seminar will be held on Tuesday, 24th of May, 2011.
Place: University of Tampere, Pinni B1097. Time: Tuesday 24.5.2011, 9.30-17.00

There will be two lectures in English by professors Tempelhoff and Odira. Otherwise seminar will be conducted in Finnish.
Welcome! Seminar is free to all. More information in Finnish.

New book:

Juuti P.& Rajala R. Vinttikaivosta vesiyhtiöön. Saarijärvi 2011.


For the latest on the 7th Global Conference of the International Water History Asociation (IWHA)  in South Africa's Kruger National Park in July 2011 please go to

ESEH 2011 Conference in Turku
Conference Programme available for the 6th ESEH Conference, Turku, Finland
Document Actions
The scientific programme of the upcoming ESEH conference that will be held in Turku, Finland from 28 June to 2 july 2011 is now posted online. Please click on the link below to access the programme. A more detailed programme will be posted closer to the time.

Turku Conference Programme

New ESEH Hungary Website
ESEH Hungary now has a new website hosted by the University of Szeged.
The regional representative for ESEH Hungary is Andrea Kiss and currently there are 13 Hungarian ESEH members. The main form of contact with Hungarian members is circular e-mails, regularly sent around to the members with latest news of the Society (in Hungarian). Besides, the Hungarian group organised its first local mini-conference and round-table discussion in June 2010. This event is planned to be followed by other conferences.
ESEH Hungary Website

Articles and chapters:

Viktor Pál - To Act or not to Act: Water Problems in North-east Hungary after 1945. In: Timo Myllyntaus (ed.), Thinking Through the Environment, The White Horse Press, Cambridge, 2011 July.  


Juuti P., Rajala R. & Katko T. Metropoli ja Meri. Helsinki 2010.

Juuti P., Rajala R., Pietilä P. & Katko T. Hyvän veden ja hyvien yhteyksien kaupunki. Saarijärvi 2010.

Juuti P. , Katko T., Louekari S. & Rajala R. Näkymätönt Porrii. 523.p. Saarijärvi 2010.

Private initiatives in Finland and South Africa: Proposals for waterworks by von Nottbeck and Marks” by Petri S. Juuti, Harri R. Mäki, Riikka P. Rajala in Water History Nov.2010 (Springer).

Integration of water and wastewater utilities” in SEPTEMBER 2010 | JOURNAL AWWA • 102:9, pp 62-70 byTapio S. Katko, Vuokko O. Kurki, Petri S. Juuti , Riikka P. Rajala, and Osmo T. Seppälä

Water and the City”, pp. 229-250 in Environment and History, Volume 16, No.2, May 2010 Tapio S. Katko, P.S. Juuti and J. Tempelhoff

Water and Sanitation Services in History: Motivations, Expectations and Experiences” in Tvedt T. & Ostigaard T. (eds.) A History of Water. Series II, Volume 1: Ideas of water from Ancient Societies to the Modern World.. London & New York: IB Tauris, 2010, 231-249. by Juuti P.S., Nygård H. & Katko T.S.

Viktor Pál - Discourses over nature. The politicization of the environment in Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War (1949- mid 1980s)” In: Sven Lilja and Mathias Legner (eds.) The Living City, Swedish Research Council for Environment, 2010.

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