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Eriikka Oinonen Eriikka Oinonen

 University Lecturer (social sciences/sociology)

University of Tampere, Unit of Pori.

Pohjoisranta 11, 3rd floor (room 370)

Mailing address: POB 181, FIN-28101 Pori

GSM +358 50 318 6174


I have been working at the University of Tampere since 1996 as a researcher and as a fixed-term university lecturer and a professor in Sociology. In 1998-1999 I was a research fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. I have been teaching both graduate and post-graduate courses on comparative research, family and youth studies and research ethics.

I am a board member of the Westermarck Society - Finnish Sociology Association and a debuty board member of the Finnish Youth Research Society. I am also a member of the editorial board of the Nuorisotutkimus-lehti, the Finnish Journal of Youth Research.

2013-2015, I worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Social Research, IASR (Tutkijakollegium) concentrating on my research project "A Lost Generation? Young educated adults under economic crisis in Europe" and developing a research project "At a Crossroads: transition from university to (work)life" in collaboration with the colleagues at the University of Barcelona.

My collaboration with Spanish colleagues at University of Barcelona include reserach, teaching and teaching innovations, and supervision of doctoral thesis.


Fields of research and teaching :

My research focuses on transition from youth to adulthood, family institution and cross-national comparative research. Geographically, my interests lie in Europe and particularly in the Iberian Peninsula; Spain and Portugal. Recently I have become interested in ways to apply visual and narrative methods in sociological research. I have also been active in exploring the ways to use fiction in sociological research and particularly in teaching issues and phenomena of sociological interest.


Ongoing projects:

INCASI - Global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America. Horizon 2020-MSCA-RISE-2015 project coordinated by Professor Pedro López-Roldán, Autonomous University of Barcelona. 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2019.

Starting in 2016 and running until 2020, the €2.4 million project will comprise a large-scale secondment scheme with academics from the network undertaking research visits between universities in Europe and Latin America. Knowledge transfer involving early-stage researchers and more senior network members will include a postgraduate-level training scheme on research methods.

 University of Tampere is one of 19 universities in the INCASI consortium, which comprises nine institutions from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay) and ten from Europe (Finland, France, Italy, Spain and the UK), and coordinated by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Professor Pedro López-Roldan.

The network conducts comparative research in the area of social inequalities and foster a space for collective reflection and development of synergies between network partners. The aim is to look for global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America, to explore innovative ways to face and reduce social inequalities, and promote social justice. The researchers in the network work with eight themes:

Inequalities in the labour market and labour trajectories

Asymmetries in the relationship between training and employment

Inequalities in work and family life

Educational inequalities

Geographical and social inequalities: ethnicity and language

Social inequalities, migration and space

Uncertainty, strategies, resources and capabilities

Inequality of opportunity: intergenerational social mobility



At the Crossroads: transition from university to (work)life [Risteyksessä: siirtymä yliopistosta (työ)elämään] is a project based on long term collaboration with Finnish and Spanish colleagues. The current reserach plan is designed together with professor Arto Jauhiainen's research team and researcher Hanna Laalo in the Faculty of Education, the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE) at the University of Turku and with professor Pauliina Hulkko and university lecturer Minna Hokkanen in Theatre Work (NÄTY) at University of Tampere. We are applying funding for the project.

We apply visual methods and theatre to study expectations and plans of the university students from social sciences and humanities at the time when they are in the process of finishing their studies and moving into world of work. Together with the students, we look for ways to deal with and support the transition. We bring forth students' own expectations for the future and analyse and assess them in relation to the expectations that European and national policies impose to young educated people.

Publications, conference presentations and lectures.


Scientific honorary prizes and awards:

  • Science achievement prize (Tiedeteko -palkinto) awarded by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities for the best book of the year 2015 Hajoava perhe to the editors Eriikka Oinonen, Matti Hyvärinen and Tiina Saari. (YKY:n Tiedeteko-palkinto), 2015.
  • Kone Foundation's Vuoden Tiedekynä 2012 -palkinto, an award for the outstanding social science article written in excellent Finnish language. Awarded in 14.2.2013 for the article "Vertailun valta" (Power of Comparison) written together with Leena Tervonen-Goncalves and published in Yhteiskuntapolitiikka 1/2012.
  • Tampere University Foundation's prize stipend for the best doctoral dissertation, 2005.


See also:

 Google Scholar

Research Gate

Linked In



Some selected publications:

Oinonen E, Rautiainen-Keskustalo T & Tiilikka T (2016) 1970-luvun tyttökansalainen, peruskoulu ja media. Aikuiskasvatus 3/2016: 169-178.

Hyvärinen, M., Oinonen, E. & Saari, Tiina (toim) (2015) Hajoava perhe. Romaani monitieteisen tutkimuksen välineenä. Tampere: Vastapaino.

Tervonen-Gonçalves, Leena & Oinonen, Eriikka (2014) Vaikuttavuuden vaade ja vaikutelmien politiikka. Tapausesimerkkinä terveyden edistäminen (Insistence on effectiveness. Health promotion as a case in point). Yhteiskuntapolitiikka No. 5/2014: 521–36.

Oinonen, E. & Repo, K. (eds.) (2013) Women, Men and Children in Families. Private Troubles and Public Issues. Tampere: Tampere University Press.

Tervonen-Goncalves, L. & Oinonen, E. (2012) Vertailun valta (Power of comparison), Yhteiskuntapolitiikka No.2/2012: 3-15.

Oinonen, E. (2010) La formación de la familia en el proceso de transición a la vida adulta en España y Finlandia, en Almudena Moreno Mínguez (ed.) Revista de Estudios de Juventud No 90: Juventud y familia desde una perspectiva comparada europea, Instituto de la Juventud - INJUVE, Madrid, pp. 83-102.

Oinonen, E. (2008) Families in Converging Europe. A Comparison of Forms, Structures and Ideas. Palgrave Studies in Family Sociology. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire & New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Oinonen, E. & Alestalo, M. (2006) Aikuisuuteen siirtyminen Euroopassa - vertailevan tutkimuksen metodologisia ongelmia (Transition to adulthood in Europe - methodological problems in comparative reserach), in I. Järventie, M. Lähde & j. Paavonen (toim.) Lapsuus ja kasvuympäristöt - tutkimuksen kuvia. Helsinki. Yliopistopaino Kustannus, pp. 193-218.

Oinonen, E. (2004) Finnish and Spanish Families in Converging Europe. Tampere: Tampere University Press and Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, Studies in European Societies and Politics Serie.

Oinonen, E. (2004) Starting the First Family. Changes in Patterns of Family Formation and Demographic Trends, European Societies 6/3: 319-346.

For more see SoleCris

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