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Marko Juntunen

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My fascination with anthropology has always been inseparable from my interest in the Arab world, Arabic language and the Muslim communities around the World. I completed both my MA and doctoral studies at the University of Helsinki but throughout the 1990s I spent long periods studying in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Spain and Britain.  While studying Arabic in Rabat, Morocco in 1991 and 1992 I became interested in the social effects of increasingly exclusive EU migration policy for the Moroccan youth. My PhD dissertation (Between Morocco and Spain: Men, Migrant Smuggling and a Dispersed Moroccan Community, University of Helsinki 2002) is an ethnographic monograph on young men, urban poor and the social world of smuggling of migrants from Morocco to Spain. I still return frequently to Morocco for fieldwork, and keep writing about migration and transnational processes and phenomena among underclass Moroccans. My second long term field of interest is the Iraqi diaspora in Europe. In 2005 I became interested in the ways in which the Iraqi diasporans in Finland were connected to their country of origin undergoing military occupation and a deepening sectarian crisis. Violence, trauma, social memory and the contested social boundaries cutting across diasporic communities are themes that I have dealt with in my recent field work projects taking place in different European locations and in Northern Iraq. My other interests include European Islam, Islam and multiculturalism in the Western contexts, diasporic cyber-spaces,  EU migration regimes and social responses to attempts to enclose migrant mobilities. 

In Tampere I have taught courses on transnational processes and phenomena,  racism ethnicity and multiculturalism and ethnographic research methods.  


 My recent research projects

 Return to Somalia and Iraq. (2012- 2013) Is a comparative research project funded by The EU Return Fund, that observes the return migration to Somalia and Iraq. I have been responsible of carrying out ethnographic fieldwork among the Iraqi returnees in Erbil and Sulaymania, Iraq. The research report will be published in June 2013

 Drifting Transnationally: Marginal Moroccan Mobilities is an integral  part of  EU funded research programme Runaway World: Marginal African and European Mobilities – Confronting perceptions, (2011-2013) that examines  the  emergence of new forms of marginal mobilities – lifestyles, livelihoods and nomadic mentalities that question social, economic and legal mainstream flows – in Africa and Europe. My research observes the mobile life worlds of socially and economically marginalized Moroccans who occupy a transnational space reaching from Northern Morocco to Spain and wider South-Western Europe.

 Gender-sensitive return assistance for vulnerable groups of returnees (2009-2011). The research funded by EU Return Fund kicked off in July 2009 and was carried out in Tampere Peace Research Institute (Tapri) at the University of Tampere. My part of the research Prospects for Sustainable Return: Iraqi and Afghan Asylum Seekers in Finland  (2011) focused on gendered vulnerability, persecution violence and trauma among Iraqi and Afghan asylum seekers in their countries of origin and on the way to the West.

 Islam and reconstruction of suburban space in Finland. (2005-2008)

This research funded by the Academy of Finland observed the ways in which Musims, mainly Iraqis,  living in transnational suburban contexts in Finland construct and transform Islamic symbols and thus engage in forming new loyalties and directions of belonging. The study aimed at highlighting the cultural strength and creativity of members of communities that draw upon Islamic symbols and practices to define "Muslim space" against the background of a non-Muslim environment.

 Recent publications

Spela Kalcic, Marko Juntunen, Natasa Rogelja. The Concept of Marginal Mobility. Book of Proceedings, Ethnographies of Mobility-seminar (Ljubljana, Slovenia August 21st – 22nd 2013) Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia (forthcoming 2013)

Masculine, Mobile and Marginal: Moroccan Men between Morocco and Spain.   Book of Proceedings, Ethnographies of Mobility-seminar (Ljubljana, Slovenia August 21st – 22nd 2013) Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp. 58-62. (forthcming 2013)

Marko Juntunen, Spela Kalcic. Constructing Mobile Lifestyles Between Europe and Africa.  Migration, Space and Borders in the Western Mediterranean – A Post Arab Spring Assessment. eds Hassan Bousetta, Laure-Anne Bernes, Caroline Zickgraf, University of Liége, Belgium. (forthcoming 2013)

Spela Kalcic, Marko Juntunen, Natasa Rogelja:  Marginal Mobility: A Heuristic Tool for Comparative Study of Contemporary Mobilities. Two Homelands, Journal of Slovenian Migration Institute no 38, 2013 (in print)

Marginalised Moroccan Men in Transnational Space. Two Homelands, Journal of Slovenian Migration Institute no 38, 2013. (in print)

Petri Hautaniemi, Marko Juntunen and Mariko Sato "Return Migration and Vulnerability: Case Studies from Somaliland and Iraqi Kurdistan" Development Studies, Department of Political and Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences University of Helsinki 2013

 Diasporiset hiljaisuudet. Irakilaisyhteisön sisäiset jännitteet ja viranomaistoiminta monikulttuurisessa lähiössä. Keskinen, Suvi, Vuori, Jaana ja Hirsiaho, Anu (toim.)
Monikulttuurisuuden sukupuoli. Kansalaisuus ja erot hyvinvointiyhteiskunnassa Tampere University Press 2012

 “Prospects for Sustainable Return: Iraqi and Afghan Asylum seekers in Finland.” (2011) TAPRI, Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere. Occasional Paper, No 100, 2011.

 “Diasporic Silences and Multicultural Encounters in Varissuo, Finland”. Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration. 4(1). 2009.

  “Laughter at Risk: Men, Migrant Smuggling and Joking in a Northern Moroccan translocality”. MESS, Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School, vol. 7. eds Jaka Repic and Alenka Bartulovic. University of Ljubljana. 2009.

 Irakilaispakolaiset internetissä. Teoksessa: Maahanmuuttajien vapaa-aika ja kulttuuripalvelut pääkaupunkiseudulla. Toim. Joronen Tuula. Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskus, tutkimuksia 4: 2009. [Iraqi Refugees in the Internet. in Migrants‟ Pass Time and Cultural Services in the Capital area. ed. Tuula Joronen. Helsinki city Urban Facts, Urban Research Unit Studies 4:2009.

 “Saudi-Arabian islamilainen lähetystyö tuottaa tulosta”. Ulkopolitiikka 3/2008, Ulkopoliittinen instituutti. [The Islamic Missions of Saudi Arabia Bear Fruit.] Foreign Policy, The Finnish institute of international affairs. ( 3). 2008.

  “Harraga: Siirtolaisten salakuljetus Pohjois-Marokossa”. Teoksessa Välimeren venesiirtolaiset. Toim. Hamara J., Floman M. Suomen Pakolaisapu ja Suomen Ulkoministeriö 2008 [Harraga: Migrant smuggling in the north of Morocco. in Refugees of the Mediterranean. eds. Hamara J. Floman M. Finnish Refugee Council and Finnish Foreign Ministry] 2008.

 ”Eurooppalaisen islamin järjestäytyminen ja auktoriteettien hajaantuminen.” teoksessa Islam Suomessa: Muslimit arjessa, mediassa ja yhteiskunnassa. toim. Martikainen, Sakaranaho, Juntunen. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura. Helsinki. 2008. [Institutionalization of European Islam and Dispersal of Religious Authority. in Islam in Finland, eds. Martikainen, Sakaranaho, Juntunen. Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura] 2008.

 ”Nekoc je zivela mravlja, ki se je odlocila, da bo tekla okoli sveta”. [There Once Was an Ant Who Decided to Run Around the World: Migration and construction of Moral selves amongNorthern Moroccoan border Crossers] Translated into Slovenian by Varja Mocnik. Emzin - Revija za Kultor Metelkova 6. 2006.

  “Islamin arki” [The everyday Islam. Ethnographic Monograph on urban poor, political Islam and migration in the Northern Morocco] Ajatus kirjat, Finland. 224 pp. 2005.

  “Abu Ghraib – Varissuo: Irakilaismiehen pakomatka Saddamin selleistä Suomeen” [Abu Ghraib – Varissuo, Iraqi refugee‟s journey from Saddams prisons to Finland. Ethnographic biography of Riadh Muthana, Iraqi refugee in Finland.] Ajatus kirjat, Finland. 241 pp. 2007.


PhD, Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Helsinki, 2002

M.A.  University of Helsinki, Social anthropology, Arabic and Islamic studies 1994

Consecutive interpreter's examination in Arabic, University of Helsinki 1994

Academic positions


Lecturer (acting), Social Anthropology, University of Tampere, January 2011 –

Visiting researcher, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin 2011

Senior project researcher, Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere, Finland, June 2010 - December 2010

Researcher, University of Joensuu, Finland, February 2010 - May 2010

Project researcher, Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere, Finland, October 2009 - January 2010

Research fellow, Institute for Asian and African Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland, September 2008 - September 2009

Postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Asian and African Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland, September 2005 - December 2008

Visiting researcher, Taller de Estudios Internacionales Mediterráneos, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, August 2003- July 2004

Doctoral student, Graduate School,  University of Helsinki, Institute for Asian and African Studies  1 January 2000 – 31 May 2002. 


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