Doctoral Programme of Education and Society

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Doctor of Philosophy (Speech Technique and Vocology)

Duration: 4 years  

Extent:  240 ECTS

When to apply:  April / October

Start date:  Aug 1 / Jan 1

Tuition fee: none  

Programme web page

The doctoral programme contributes to the societally relevant educational research. The research topics deal with current phenomena of education and society, and they are studied from critical viewpoints.

The School of Education’s research profile is defined according to its educational orientation by the following four focus areas:

  • transnational learning and social environments
  • educational policies, cultures and structures
  • work and professional growth
  • teaching and learning in life course

The research activities increasingly take place in research groups and thus the doctoral researchers will be integrated in the groups of the Faculty.



General eligibility and assessment criteria

The requirements for entering postgraduate studies leading to a postgraduate degree are as follows:

  • applicable higher university degree or
  • education of equivalent level as a higher university degree or
  • degree equivalent to a higher university degree from a non-Finnish institute of higher education.

The requirement for granting the right to study for a PhD (Ed.) degree is a Master’s degree in education.

A PhD can be completed by persons with a degree in a field other than education. The student is also required to complete 20-credit advanced studies in education, which can also be completed as part of the PhD.

Admission to the programme

Applicants for doctoral degree are required to complete an electronic application form (available during admissions period).

The admission criteria are A) a feasible research plan and B) prior academic performance.

The research plan is evaluated particularly in terms of the significance of the research for the field of education and the set targets, theoretical starting points, coherence of the research problem and selected methods of research and analysis. The admission process also considers the positioning of the applicant’s research plans in the Faculty of Education’s focus areas as well as the Faculty’s available supervisory resources.

A) Research plan

The research plan appended to the documents must be written in Finnish or English and be no more than 2,000 words in length (font size 12 points; line spacing 1.5)?, and it must adhere to the following structure (applied where necessary):

Cover sheet

  • party conducting the research and postgraduate degree to be completed
  • preliminary title for the study
  • mention of the Professor, Associate Professor or Docent with whom the research and postgraduate studies have been discussed

Starting points for the research

  • significance of the research project in relation to current knowledge: how does the project relate to prior international and national research
  • positioning of the research in the field of education
  • positioning of the field in the focus areas of the research conducted by the Faculty of Education

Goals, implementation and schedule of the research

  • research goals
  • research questions
  • research methods and collection of material
  • research material and methods of analysis
  • research schedule
  • social and scientific significance of the research findings/conclusions

Publication plan and funding plan


B) Prior academic performance

As a general rule, the grade received for the Master’s thesis or Licentiate thesis must be at least “cum laude approbatur” or at least 3 (on a scale of 1–5) or equivalent average grade if some other scale has been applied. If the thesis has not been graded or the grade is lower than required, the research plan appended to the application documents is required to have special merit.

See the detailed admissions requirements and information.


Contact information

Study Coordinator Sari Raudasoja
+358 50 318 6666