Encouraging, open-minded and personalised

Master's degree programme in Teacher EducationHannah Hung

Hannah Hung
is a 26-year-old student studying in the Master’s degree programme in Teacher Education. She is originally from Taiwan and has completed a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in English Teaching in Taiwan.

She has always wanted to study in Finland because the quality of Finnish education has been well-known in Taiwan for some years. She ended up coming to Tampere as an exchange student thanks to the University of Tampere being a partner university of her home university. Tampere made a lasting impression since she decided to come back for a Master’s degree.

“I studied English teaching in Taiwan so when I saw that UTA was going to have a new international Master’s programme in Teacher Education and it was going to be the last year without a tuition fee, I thought I should take this opportunity.”

Encouraging, open-minded and personalised. These are the words Hannah uses to describe the University of Tampere.

“The University encourages personal development because the selection of courses you can take is very broad. It is open-minded because the courses include different study options and the teachers are willing to communicate with the studets. It is very personalised because although you have a major subject, you are not restricted in what direction you want to go. In one word, I would say you get a lot of freedom while studying at UTA.”

In addition to freedom given to students, she appreciates the internationality and the fact that higher education in Finland generally values independent learning. The University also provides a good support system for its students. When it comes to Tampere, the surrounding lakes and forests are among her favourite things. She is also happy about making life-long friendships with people from all over the world in Tampere during her studies.

“It is amazing that people from different countries and cultures ended up meeting in Tampere and became friends with such a deep connection. My favourite memories are all the conversations about life and values with my friends, things that we did together and experiences that we shared.”

Since the Master’s degree at the University of Tampere is her second one, she believes it will strengthen her skillset.

“Combining the degree I already have in English teaching with my Master's degree in Teacher Education at UTA, I could see myself contributing my knowledge and skills to my home country.”

What the future holds for Hannah is yet to be unveiled.

"I have always been a planner, but as I grow older, I realize very often life just carries you away. Right now, my plan is to develop myself as an English teacher with various international experiences. If there is such a possibility in Finland, I would stay here. If not, I am open to opportunities around the world. Finland is like my second home. I had this feeling already after spending one semester in Tampere. I love the scenery, tranquility and the quality of life in Finland. I could picture myself living here for a longer time and I would definitely like to stay here after I graduate."

Text: Sanni Irjala

Photo: Jonne Renvall