This is a Master’s Degree Programme for visionaries

Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change (starting in 2017)

Kalle photoKalle Aro, who majors in Politics, started his studies at University of Tampere in 2014. Apart from his studies, Kalle has been a student member of a group that has been planning a totally new Master’s Degree Programme that starts in 2017.

The new Master’s Degree Programme is called Leadership for Change and it summarizes the idea of the School of Management: research of leadership from many perspectives.

Leadership for Change combines politics, economics and administration studies into a new, multifaceted Master’s Degree Programme. This programme has been created for the needs of leadership skills that are needed in the future. The goal is to create something new and innovative.

“This is a Master’s Degree Programme for visionaries”, Kalle summarizes his thoughts.

Studies on the new programme will be strongly connected to practical working life. Even the basic study units have co-operation with companies, so that students get to show their skills, solve real problems and learn from real cases in the early stages of their studies. The idea is to keep the intake quite small, so that the students can work closely together and really get their hands on to things.

Students who apply for this programme can come from very different backgrounds. In the current Master’s degree programmes that the School of Management arranges, students have previously studied various fields, such as economics, marketing, history and sociology.

Everyone in the school have been very enthusiastic about the programme. Teachers and researchers have given everything for the new courses. Instead of simply translating already existing courses into English, the faculty has created better courses that are tailored for the programme.

Flexible is the word Kalle would use to describe his experience in the University of Tampere. Everything can be negotiated, because the faculty is friendly and ready to find a solution for any situation. Flexibility doesn’t mean things don’t get done – quite the opposite!

“The atmosphere is motivating and makes you really want to work for your goals”, Kalle says.

UTA students can choose their voluntary studies very freely, so that their degrees can be tailored according to their interests. The School of Management has some suggestions of suitable studies that fit your degree well. Kalle, for example, is interested in energy politics and has studied Asian Studies as a minor.

“In the future, leadership cannot be into separate sections. Instead, you need to understand many things: politics, administration, law, economics, entrepreneurship, how everything links together. This programme is a great combination of these things!”

Text: Inka Kämäräinen
Photo: Jonne Renvall

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