Student-friendly and pleasant place to study

Master's degree programme in Global and Transnational Sociology Katrin Winkler

Katrin Winkler is a 23-year-old student in Global and Transnational Sociology at the University of Tampere. She is originally from Austria, but has previous international experience in studying abroad during her Erasmus exchange in Grenoble, France. She has studied in her Master’s programme in Tampere for one year.

Katrin decided to apply for a Master’s degree programme in Tampere because her Finnish friends recommended it to her and it was available in English. She did know some things about Tampere and Finland before starting her studies, but the University of Tampere was a completely new adventure for her. She has been happy with how she has been able to connect with people thanks to the compact size of her programme.

“The size of the programme is considerably small at UTA which makes it easier to study as professors have more time for the individual student and connections to other students are easier to form.”

She also appreciates how well she has been taken care of during her learning process by the faculty as well as the university as a whole. The fact that student lunches cost 2,60 euros is also one of her favourite things. It is also one of the reasons she calls UTA a student-friendly and a pleasant place to study.

“Personally, I feel I’ve been treated exceptionally well and the Finnish people are incredibly helpful and friendly.”

As for Tampere as a student city, Katrin has enjoyed the nature that surrounds you in Tampere as well as the rich cultural environment.

“The city offers a lot in terms of culture and sports but is not too big, which makes it easy to get to know people.”

It has also been useful to meet many new people during her studies. According to Katrin, studying with locals as well as internationals has been fruitful because that way she has gotten to know a lot of different point of views. Versatile people from all over the world provide versatile opinions and discussions.

She looks forward to completing the international Master’s degree and to possibly work abroad as a government official in the future. In addition to receiving high-quality education at UTA, Katrin has got many great experiences in Finland with international and local people. She has also enjoyed the Finnish nature.

"I recommend studying at UTA if you like an international environment surrounded by a lot of nature."

Text: Sanni Irjala

Photo: Jonne Renvall