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Welcome to your new university! There are a few things you will need to take care of when you have arrived at UTA. To make the start of your studies as pleasant and smooth as possible, UTA offers orientation courses for new students. All essential things will be dealt with during the orientation, so it is important that you participate in it. At UTA you will also be assigned a student tutor who will help you through the first weeks.

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Orientation Courses for International Students and Researchers

All the orientation courses and events mentioned on this page are free of charge.

Dates and Programmes

General Orientation Course

January 2018
Orientation course for new international students and researchers:
2 – 5 January 2018 and a bus tour on 6 January.  
Here you can find the programme for the orientation.

Compulsory for students at Bachelor's and Master's level

This one-week Orientation Course is offered jointly for all international students (degree, exchange and visiting) at the beginning of the autumn and spring semesters.

On the first day of the Orientation Course, a presentation called ‘First things first' will be held and your presence is required as this presentation contains important information on filling in different kinds of forms, banking services, your Basic User Account (BUA) and computer labs. During the Orientation Course, you will also receive information on the higher education system in Finland, studying at UTA, student counselling, the city of Tampere and Finnish customs and way of life.

In order to get credits for this orientation course, a full attendance is required (course code: OPINY001, credits: 2 ECTS credits)

Orientation course materials

Spring 2018

First things first 3.1.2018, pdf
University of Tampere 3.1.2018, pdf
Studying at the University of Tampere 3.1.2018, pdf

Introduction to Academic Culture and Degree Studies

Introduction to academic culture and degree studies:
28 August 2017

For degree students only, compulsory for students in Master's degree programmes

This practical orientation is offered for international students studying in the Master's Degree Programmes offered through the medium of English. The orientation offers a general overview to academic and study-related practices as well as to livelihood and social security of a degree student in Finland.

In addition, programme-specific orientations are offered by the schools. You will get more information on them from your programme coordinator.

Materials from 28.8.2017

Migration Info Centre Services lecture 28.8., pdf

Student Mobility at UTA lecture 28.8., pdf

Y-kampus lecture 28.8., pdf

Academic culture in Finnish research universities + Planning Your Studies: Personal Study Plan HOPS lecture 28.8., pdf

Help in Coping with Study Pressures (cancelled), pdf

For more information about the presentation 'How to find a job in Finland - being prepared' please contact Mariska Roelofs (

Orientation Course for International Doctoral Students and researchers

The programme is available in the Teaching Schedule.

Registration of New Students

Registration Dates

Opening hours and contact information of the Registrar's Office

Degree Students

Bachelor's and Master's level: from 1 to 31 August 2017
Doctoral level: according to Letter of Acceptance

Exchange and visiting students

Autumn 2017
from 1 August until the Orientation Course 21-25 August 2017, late arrivals: upon arrival

Spring 2018
During the Orientation Course 2-5 January 2018, late arrivals: upon arrival


Registration step-by-step

  1. Registration papers
    Bachelor's and Master's degree students and exchange and visiting students are welcome to pick up the registration papers and the Orientation Course folder at the International Office in the Main Building (room A129). Fill in the missing details in your Registration Form and sign it.
    The registration form include an invoice for the payment of the Student Union membership fee.
    Doctoral degree students have been sent their registration papers with the Letter of Acceptance. Doctoral students participating in the Orientation Course are welcome to pick up the Orientation Course folder from the International Office (room A129) in the Main Building.
  2. If you are a degree student, obtain a confirmation of validity of your academic documents by presenting the documents to the university officer.
    Please see your Letter of Acceptance for contact details.
  3. Pay the *Student union membership fee (optional for exchange students, visiting students and doctoral students).
    Please use the invoice included in your registration form. You may pay the fee at any bank from a Finnish bank account or in cash. If you have a bank account in one of the euro area countries, you can use online banking. Please remember to include the given reference number with the transfer. You cannot pay the fee at the University. Keep the receipt of the payment!
  4. Register at the Registrar’s Office
    You are required to present the following documents when you enrol:
    - Letter of Acceptance
    - filled-in registration form
    - receipt of the paid *Student Union Membership fee (116 euros for the whole academic year, 58 euros for one semester, preparation costs of the student card of approx. 10 euros are charged by the Student Union upon collection. The optional membership fee for doctoral students is 49 euros for the whole academic year and 24,50 euros for one semester)
    - passport (or if you are from an EU/EEA country, other applicable identification)
  5. Order the student card
    The student card can be ordered online after you have paid the student union membership fee. You can find the instructions and a link to the order form on the Student Union website.

*Student Union membership is compulsory for all Bachelor's and Master's level degree students at Finnish universities. For doctoral students, the voluntary membership fee is lower because the benefits are fewer.
Please see Student Card and Benefits on this page for more information.

See also Local Registration for instructions on how to obtain a Finnish Personal Identity Code and how to take care of local registration. You must present the Personal Identity Code at the Registrar's Office upon or after registration.

Student Tutors

At the University of Tampere, a student tutor is assigned to all international Bachelor and Master students. Your tutor is a fellow student who has volunteered to help you during your first weeks.

A student tutor usually comes from same field of study as you. They are happy to help you before your arrival in Finland. They will contact you by email well before the start of the semester. If agreed in advance, the tutor may meet you at the railway or bus station in Tampere at arrival. However, the tutor is not required to pick you up at the airport!

Please note that a tutor may be helping several international students at the same time, which means they are not always available to you. The student tutor may help you with:


  • IT Helpdesk

  • Language Centre

    • The Self-Access Centre provides opportunities for self-study in more than 15 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Finnish as a foreign language. Students can improve their language skills at their own pace and in their own time with the help of interactive computer programmes, books, games, audio and video material, and satellite TV. In addition, through the 'Language Link' service, students can find other students to practise a language with. A supervisor is always on hand to give advice on choosing suitable materials.
  • University Library offers numerous services, including short orientations in English at the beginning of both semesters. During the orientation, you will get useful information on the library services and electronic resources. You can sign up for the library orientation during the Orientation Course of the University.

  • Sports Activities The University of Tampere offers a wide range of sports activities. University Sports Office runs a sports centre in the Atalpa Building.

  • Recycling Room is located in the Main Building, E Wing, room 105. Here you can find things that are still in good condition, such as dishes or cleaning equipment.

Student Card and Benefits

The student card is a key to numerous student services and discounts. Student union membership fees in the academic year 2017-2018:

    Academic year: 116 euros
    One semester: 58 euros
    Optional membership fee for doctoral students:
    the whole academic year 49 euros, one semester 24,50 euros

All Bachelor’s and Master’s level degree students of UTA are members of the Student Union of the University of Tampere (Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, Tamy) and they must pay the annual membership fee before registering. After the fee has been paid and the student has registered, a student card will be issued by the National Union of University Students in Finland (Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto, SYL). For exchange and visiting students the membership is optional. If they choose to be members, they pay the fee by 30 September in the autumn semester or 31 January in the spring semester. The membership is also optional for doctoral students.

You can collect your student card from the Student Union Office about three weeks after registration. A production cost of 10 euros is charged upon ordering the card online. Please read the detailed instructions on how to order and collect your student card on the Student Union website.

Before you have your students card, you may use your Student Certificate as proof of student status. You will receive the Student Certificate from the Registrar’s Office. Please see the information below according to the level of your studies.

For more information on Opiskelijan Tampere association and their student benefits, please see the Opiskelijan Tampere website. Doctoral students have a lower membership fee and fewer benefits.

Tamy in a Nutshell

The Student Union (Tampereen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta - Tamy for short) promotes students’ interests and protects their rights within the University and in society. Tamy is both financially and administratively independent of the University, but has statutory representatives in the University's administration. A Student Union membership is compulsory by law for all degree-seeking students on Bachelor's and Master's level in Finnish universities.

The highest decision-making body within the Student Union is the Council of Representatives. The council members are elected through democratic elections every other year. Day-to-day decisions are made by the Executive Board, which is assisted by the specialists. The Student Union employs a Secretary General and specialists responsible for academic, international, organisational and social welfare affairs as well as communications. Whenever you need advice on studying, welfare or other aspects of student life, turn to the Student Union!

Benefits for Bachelor's and Master's Level Students

The student card entitles Bachelor’s and Master’s level students to Student Union services and special student benefits. By showing your student card you are entitled to student health care services in every Finnish Student Health Service, FSHS unit in Finland. In addition, you get significant discounts on trains, long distance bus fares, and in a number of museums, theatres, concerts and shops.

All students are entitled to a meal subsidy at student restaurants regardless whether they are members of Student Union or not.

Please check the Student Union's New Students pages and Members pages for latest information on your benefits.

Benefits for Doctoral students

For doctoral students, the membership of the Student Union is voluntary and also the benefits are fewer. Membership entitles doctoral students to use the services of the Student Union (for example free legal advice free and leisure activities). They are also entitled to discounts offered by the cooperation partners of the Student Union and any local discounts for students. In addition, the lunch prices at Juvenes restaurants at the University are somewhat lower for doctoral students.

Doctoral students are excluded from state benefits, such as discounts on public transport. They are not entitled to the health services provided by the FSHS.