Anthropology at Finnish universities: Hopes, fears and visions

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The Finnish Anthropological Association, together with the anthropologists at the School of social sciences and humanities, UTA

A discussion on the current state and future possibilities of anthropology

We invite anthropologists from all universities in Finland to discuss the current state of our discipline, and to map the future needs and possibilities.

Most Finnish universities have gone through significant reorganizations and cuts in funding and personnel. How has that affected anthropology as an academic discipline? How do students find anthropology, which is maybe taught in new degree programs, in combination with other disciplines? What do the changes mean for teaching and doing research?

Should there be more co-operation between anthropologists at various universities? Representatives of the teaching staff from all universities that give teaching in anthropology are invited to give short contributions to the discussion, after which the floor is open to general discussion.

Invited speakers:

Professor Sarah Green, University of Helsinki
Professor Timo Kaartinen, University of Helsinki
Professor Hannu heikkinen, University of Oulu
University lecturer Taina Kinnunen, University of Joensuu
University lecturer Sirpa Tenhunen, University of Jyväskylä
Professor Laura Huttunen, University of Tampere


Dr. Mari Korpela, 050 318 6131