The Eighth Nordic Working Life Conference


The University of Tampere


The University of Tampere and the Finnish Association of Work Life Research

The title of the Eighth Nordic Working Life Conference is Hard Times? This title will provoke discussion on the link between the current economic crises and working life. In recent decades, the globalisation of production has become commonplace, but the Nordic countries have seemed to have been survivors of this process. However, current trends may have changed this situation.

Following previous experiences, we will emphasise a broad understanding of working life and the multidisciplinary nature of the conference. Approaches based on the social sciences, administrative sciences, economics, history, psychology, gender studies, health sciences, ergonomics, etc. are all equally welcome.

The 2016 conference is being hosted by the University of Tampere (Work Research Centre) and arranged in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Work Life Research (Työelämän tutkimusyhdistys).



For more information, please contact:

Professor Antti Saloniemi, chair of the organising committee