Global rise of populism in “the ‘West’ and the ‘rest’”

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Linna-building, K113, Kalevantie 5, University of Tampere


Tampere Peace Research Institute TAPRI in collaboration with the Finnish-Philippine Society

In the dawn of 2017, populist politics influence the world, taking distinct forms in different countries and regions. This panel discussion brings together three perspectives on populism, from the revival of the anti-liberal West in the form of Trumpism, to radical right-wing populism in Western Europe, to the Philippines’ populist moment under President Rodrigo Duterte. What have these, often nationally or regionally specific phenomena to do with one another? How do they differ – and how does that very difference shape global politics? Come listen, and join the discussion.

The panelists and presentations include:
"The revival of anti-liberal West: A new struggle within the West and its implications to the rest"
Docent Marko Lehti (TAPRI, University of Tampere)

"Radical right-wing populism in Western Europe"
Prof. Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen (Faculty of Management, University of Tampere)

"The Philippines' populist moment under president Duterte"
Dr. Bonn Juego (Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä)



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