IASR-luento: Extreme Politics and ‘Renationalisation’: Political Violence, Social Media, Solidarity

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Tampereen yliopiston tutkijakollegium IASR

Yliopistotutkija Róbert Imre (IASR) luennoi.

This transnational project has an intertwined focus on: i. extreme politics and radicalisation; ii. new developments in nationalism; and iii. social media forms of communication in a select group of countries (some in the Baltic region).

I examine: a. how states implement anti/de/counter-radicalisation strategies; b. how states and extremist movements use social media; and c. how new forms of national discourses are being produced by political leaders and their constituents using both old and new media forms.

I explore how political communication and surveillance, and political violence link to war and conflict, new nationalisms, and forced migrations. I argue in my recent work that governance strategies have stunted the capacities of individuals and groups’ challenge to the state for democratic reform. This is in part responsible for both a ‘renationalisation’ as well as a push towards extreme politics. Furthermore, I examine how the in-built surveillance mechanisms of new/social media technologies create a variety of ‘new’ ways of interacting, including (but not limited to) ‘sous-veillance’ (surveillance from below), self-monitoring surveillance (self-construction of the neo-liberal self), and traditional surveillance by powerful elites and government authorities.

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