Seminar: "Gender, human rights, sexual rights"

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Arvo building, lecture hall LS F211AB. Address: Arvo Ylpön katu 34


The Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)

Global Health and Development (GHD) welcomes you to attend the following interactive seminar “Gender, human rights, sexual rights” by SOC and GHD guest professor Anuj Kapilashrami.

Professor Dr. Kapilashrami is the Associate Director of Global Development Academy at the University of Edinburgh and the Chair of GRAND (Gender, Rights and Development), an international network of feminist scholars and practitioners to advance gender analysis in development and health. The seminar will be held in English and it is open to all, including students. 

Recent publications by Dr Kapilashrami on gender issues:

Hawkes, S., Buse K. & Kapilashrami A. (2017) Gender Blind? An Analysis of Global Public-Private Partnerships for Health. Globalization and Health 13:26.

Kapilashrami, A., R. Bisht, and S. Ravindran (2016). Feminist Movements and Gender Politics: Transnational Perspectives on Intersectionality. The Delhi University Journal of the Humanities and the Social Sciences 3: 171-184.

Alsaba, K. and Kapilashrami, A. (2016) Understanding women's experience of violence and the political economy of gender in conflict: the case of Syria. Reproductive Health Matters. Available online 31 May 2016.

Warmly welcome to attend the event!




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