Staging Freedom: Event, Narration, People

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Pinni B -building, lecture hall B1097, (Address: Kanslerinrinne 1)

IASR Lecture by Dr Mahmut Mutman

The recent coup in Turkey has put the Turkish Islamism on the agenda again. The roots of Islamism go as far as the 19th century. Although it appears to be an issue of cultural and religious difference, Islamism cannot be taken in isolation from global social and economic processes.

Particularly focusing on the nature of recent Turkish Islamism, this lecture argues that it brings to the fore fundamental questions of modern politics such as the concepts of people and freedom.




IASR Lectures 2016-2017, Autumn

Time: On Tuesdays, at 16.15-17.45, starting from 20 September 2016
Place: Pinni B -building, Lecture Hall B1097


20.09. Staging Freedom: Event, Narration, People
Dr Mahmut Mutman, IASR

04.10.  Capturing life as it is lived: Research on social media use
Dr Christine Syrek, University of Trier

18.10. TBA
Professor emeritus Jorma Sipilä, IASR

01.11.  FINLAND 101: Where are we going?
Dr Heikki A. Kovalainen, IASR

15.11. TBA (pdf)

29.11. TBA
Dr Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, IASR

13.12. TBA
Dr Ilkka Pietilä, IASR


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IASR Lectures 2016-2017, Fall


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