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TWG 6: Media Across the Life Course

Co-chair: Postdoc, Maja Sonne Damkjaer
imvmsd [at]

Co-chair: Associate professor, Stine Liv Johansen
stineliv [at]

Abstracts for individual papers, download here (pdf)

Abstracts for panels, download here (pdf)

Programme for TWG6: Media Across the Life Course 

Friday, 18 August 

09.00-10.00 Welcome and introduction 
Session A) Fandom media and mediated fandom across ages

Room A08

Chair: Maja Sonne Damkjær 

Stine Liv Johansen 
I’m a fan of my fans! - young children as YouTube celebrities. 
Discussant: Anne Jerslev 

Anne Jerslev 
Ageing along with ageing stars: Jane Fonda – Lily Tomlin, and Grace and Frankie fandom on Facebook 
Discussant: Stine Liv Johansen 


10.00-10.15 Coffee Break 

10.15-12.00 Session B) Images of Aging 1 

Room A08

Chair: Anne Jerslev

Line Nybro Petersen 
The ageing body in Monty Python Live (Mostly) 
DiscussantsSanna Kivimäki; Maria Edström 

Maria Edström  
From invisible to capable. Strategies and mindset of journalists to include older persons 
DiscussantsLine Nybro Petersen; Sanna Kivimäki 

Sanna Kivimäki 
Old mules and caring grannies? Gender and age in the contemporary Finnish media 
DiscussantsMaria Edström; Line Nybro Petersen 


Saturday, 19 August 

09.00-10.00 Session A) Engagement and struggle with media technologies across the life course 

Room D14

Chair: Maja Sonne Damkjær

Thomas Enemark Lundtofte 
Young children’s media play in an app-based transmedia environment 
Discussants: Martina Mahnke Skrubbeltrang & Sander Andreas Schwartz 

Martina Mahnke Skrubbeltrang & Sander Andreas Schwartz
Everyday Struggels with Technology 
Discussants: Thomas Enemark Lundtofte


10.00-10.15 Coffee Break 


10.15-12.00 Session B) Life transitions, identity, and belonging with and through media

Room D14

Chair: Stine Liv Johansen 

Maja Sonne Damkjær 
The role of digital media for new parents’ information practices: Negotiating parenthood truths. 
Discussants: Kristina Stenström; Göran Bolin 

Kristina Stenström 
Involuntary childlessness online 
Discussants: Göran Bolin; Maja Sonne Damkjær

Göran Bolin 
Generational analysis as a methodological approach to study mediatised social change
Discussants: Maja Sonne Damkjær; Kristina Stenström


14.30-16.15 Session C) Images of Aging 2
Panel: Media images of ageing and older age: Brazil, Finland and the UK 

Room D14

Chair: Thomas Enemark Lundtofte

Gisela Castro
Brazilian advertising for an ageing population: stereotypes challenged or further reinforced
Discussant: Sanna Kivimäki 

Kirsi Lumme-Sandt 
Three Decades of Images of Ageing in one 50+ Magazine’  
Discussant: Sanna Kivimäki

Virpi Ylänne 
Print media advertising portrayals of older adults in the UK: typological change and continuity 
Discussant: Sanna Kivimäki


Closing discussion: Where to from here? Discussion of further work and the future of the TWG. 


Call for abstracts and papers

This TWG aims to create a forum for developing theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of media in a life-course perspective. In 2015 the group met for the first time in Copenhagen, and experienced intense and enlightening discussions on fundamental questions related to people's everyday encounters with media. What was particularly interesting was the topics and analysis we had in common across different empirical fields, and we wish to develop these discussions further and thereby continue a fruitful exploration of cultural, social, historical, and temporal understandings of the multiple and complex ways in which people engage with and make use of different media types and technologies over the course of life. Also, the forum will discuss how media are implicated in the (re)production of discourses, performances, and practices connected to certain age phases and to perceptions of the life course sui generis. The goal is to develop a strong voice that can engage in international conversations about the broader cultural and social implications of the mediatized condition of everyday life.

We use media to make sense of the social world, connect to and socialize with peers, cope with life transition challenges, and adapt to new life circumstances and social roles. Social roles are redefined, and patterns of communication evolve and transform as we move through life phases. In this TWG we especially welcome studies focusing on the elderly population, children, adolescents, and families. We encourage discussions on the polyvalent implications and representations of age, generations, and media, which have previously often been presented in dichotomous ways in media as well as in media research. This TWG welcomes papers that both explore the various ways in which media are embedded in our lives throughout the life course, and provide a lens for interpreting the related practices, evolving meanings, relationships, experiences, and major life transitions.

This temporary working group accepts both panel proposals and abstracts for individual papers.

Panel proposals must contain a description of the panel theme, the abstracts of the contributing papers, as well as contact information of the panel chair and authors.
Please see more guidelines for panels.

Abstracts of individual papers must contain the author’s contact information.
Please see more guidelines for abstracts, papers and presentations.

A discussant will be assigned to each accepted paper in order to provide quality feedback, consequently everyone presenting in the division might be asked to act as a discussant.
Please see more guidelines for discussants.

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