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TWG 7: Visual Communication and Culture

Chair: Maria Nilsson, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies, Mid Sweden University
maria.nilsson [at]

Co-chair: Hanna Weselius, Ph. D., University Lecturer in Photography, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
hanna.weselius [at]

Abstracts, download here (pdf)

Programmefor TWG 7: Visual Communication and Culture  

Thursday, 17 August 

15.30-18.00 Session 1: Photojournalism: On visual media practices, fact and fiction 

Room C6

Session Chair:Maria Nilsson 

Discussants (indicatedfor each paper) 

1. Asko Lehmuskallio; Jukka Häkkinen &Janne Seppänen 
A call to rethinking the uses of digital photography: Lessons learned from studying photo professionals distinguishing photorealistic computer-generated images from digital photographs.”  

2. Jenni Mäenpää 
Ethnographic observations of news image production.”
Discussant:Christa LykkeChristensen

3. Maria Mattus 
Too dead? An image analysis of humanitarian photos of the Kurdi brothers.” 
Discussant:Maria Nilsson

4. Hanna Weselius
The world according to Touko-a case study on current transformations in narrative documentary photography.” 
Discussant:MiriamVon Schantz


Friday, 18 August 

10.15-12.00 Session 2: Session title: Hybrid media: Networked visualities and social media

Room A21

Session Chair:Maria Nilsson
Discussants (indicatedfor each paper)

1. Bettina Fabos
Visualizing history: Using amateur photo resources towards an online photo history of everyday Hungarian Life.” 

2. Jenni Hokka 
Visual racism: Racialized imageries and irony in memes.”
Discussants:VeronikaMacková&František Géla

3. Lisbeth Klastrup
An holistic approach to the analysis of visual communication on social media."
Discussants:AskoLehmuskallio, Jukka Häkkinen & Janne Seppänen 

4. Synne Skjulstad
Vetements: Mediatized fashion in the era of connectivity.”


14.15-15.15 Session3: Sessiontitle: Visualrepresentation: Genres, reception and affect

Room A21

SessionChair:Hanna Weselius
Discussants (indicatedfor each paper) 

1. Christa Lykke Christensen
Promoting old age: Visual representation of older people on the website of the Danish association for older people.” 
Discussant:Maria Mattus

2. Miriam Von Schantz 
Experimenting with reception methodology,mappingeventsof spectating affective mockumentaries.” 

3. Veronika Macková&FrantišekGéla 
I am the others. Can you see it?” Images of athletes with and without disabilities.”


15.45-17.15 Session 4:TWG7Business Meeting

Room A21


Call for abstracts and panels

Temporary Working Group on Visual Communication and Culture aims to advance Nordic research on visual communication in media texts, production processes and practices and, ultimately, to further develop the teaching and learning of visual literacy among digital media users in particular. The group welcomes research within a broad spectrum of theoretical approaches and methods to the visual, in areas including, but not limited to, multimedia, photojournalism and documentary storytelling, television, social media, advertising, visual design, data visualizations, visual literacy and education, and visual aspects of political communication. The group aims to contribute to advancing media and communication research through a sustained theoretical and empirical focus on visual communication and culture, as all areas of media texts and communication are becoming increasingly visual. Thus, with its interdisciplinary approach, the group brings together expertise on visual communication that, through exchange and discussion of research, may inform future scholarship in various disciplines by foregrounding visual communication processes and practices.

This temporary working group accepts both panel proposals and abstracts for individual papers.

Panel proposals must contain a description of the panel theme, the abstracts of the contributing papers, as well as contact information of the panel chair and authors.
Please see more guidelines for panels.

Abstracts of individual papers must contain the author’s contact information.
Please see more guidelines for abstracts, papers and presentations.

A discussant will be assigned to each accepted paper in order to provide quality feedback, consequently everyone presenting in the division might be asked to act as a discussant.
Please see more guidelines for discussants.

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