About UTA

About UTA

The University of Tampere is a multi-discipline university known especially for its research on society and health.

Educating visionaries

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The profile of the University is wide-ranging and its research crosses disciplinary boundaries. The University has developed innovative research perspectives into the various phenomena of society, health and welfare.

In its teaching and research the University takes a critical approach to phenomena in society. Its experts engage in the societal debate both through their publications and through the mass media; their opinions are sought after and their words carry weight in discussion and decision-making.

The origins of the University in its forerunner, the Civic College, have endowed it with a singularly clear and extensive mission to serve society. The University of Tampere is Finland 's biggest provider of higher education in the field of social sciences and the accompanying administrative sciences.

Some 15,000 students are currently pursuing degrees at the University of Tampere. Every year approximately one thousand master's degrees and one hundred doctoral degrees are produced. The personnel numbers about 2,000.

The Rector of the University is Ms Liisa Laakso and the Administrative Director is Mr Petri Lintunen. The Chairman of the Board of the University is Mr Kari Neilimo.

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