Finnish Education Miracle and the Mirror of International Comparisons - Lessons, Cracks and Distortions

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Paavo Koli hall, Pinni A building, address: Kanslerinrinne 1



Speaker: Mr. Aleksi Kalenius, Counsellor Education and Science, Permanent Delegation of Finland to the OECD and UNESCO, Paris

Abstract: Finnish education has risen to be seen as a global benchmark and a source of national pride. International comparison of education systems and outcomes is often done through simple rankings, with many devils hiding in the details.

The grail of comparison also promises to tell countries what works and what does not in education policy. If it only was so simple. What does the mirror of international comparison show of the state of Finnish education? Where are we? Where are we going and why? What can we learn, if anything?
Lecture is organized jointly by Higher Education Group, Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Education research group on International Perspectives on Educational Discourses, Policies and Practices.

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