Gender work and entrepreneurial universities: from a gift to a gig economy – Professor Jill Blackmore

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Linna 5026-5027


New Social Research, Gender Studies and the Higher Education Group

New Social Research, Gender Studies and the Higher Education Group are pleased to be hosting Professor Blackmore to give a special research seminar.  Professor Blackmore is a pre-eminent scholar in the fields of gender and higher education.

Universities globally are being reconfigured by pressures of massification, internationalisation, financialisation, contractualism, technologisation and corporatisation.  Drawing on data from three university case studies in a three-year Australian Research Council grant on Leadership in entrepreneurial universities: disengagement and diversity this presentation tracks what these trends mean with regard to the changing social relations of gender in the academy and for leadership and academic work. How do policy discourses about leadership, innovation, flexibility and diversity circulate and with what effect in the context of the shift from a gift economy to a gig economy? What future is there for the academic profession and indeed the university in the context that what counts as expertise is under threat?

Jill Blackmore AM is Alfred Deakin Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, inaugural Director of the Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation (2010-15) and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences Australia. Her research interests include, from a feminist perspective, globalisation, education policy and governance; international and intercultural education; educational restructuring, leadership and organisational change; spatial redesign and innovative pedagogies; teachers' and academics’ work, all with a focus on equity. Recent higher education research has focused on disengagement with and lack of diversity in leadership, international education and graduate employability and on the re/constitution of the social relations of gender in and through education in the early 21st C.  Publications include J. Blackmore (2016) Critical Perspectives on Educational Leadership: Nancy Fraser. Routledge; Blackmore, J. Sanchez, M. and Sawers, N.(eds) (2017) Globalised Re/gendering of the Academy and Leadership, Routledge;  Arber, R; Blackmore, J and Vongalis, -Macrow, A. (eds) (2014) Mobile teachers and curriculum in international schooling. Rotterdam: Sense.

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