”Multiple Crossroads of Perspectives”, 28.8.- 29.9.2017

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Virta-building, EDUSTA Gallery, Åkerlundinkatu 5


Multiple Crossroads of Perspectives

The exhibition “Multiple Crossroads of Perspectives” was set up in collaboration by the research groups of the Faculty of Education, and the gallery team. The pervading concepts of the exhibition are development from different perspectives, mobility, internationalism, sustainable development, citizenship, equality, and justice. The exhibition emphasizes the research of the faculty as an entity instead of presenting the individual research groups.

The central shape of the exhibition is a circle. According to philosophical semiotics, the circle symbolizes the perimeter of infinity, spirituality, boundlessness, and eternity. Accordingly, a circle inside a square symbolizes the constant strive towards balance between the two elements. These elements fittingly reflect the activities conducted in the Faculty. The interpreting of the symbols, however, is left to the observer.



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For more information, contact Kari Kouhia, kari.kouhia@uta.fi