Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies receives UTA’s Annual Research Award

Submitted on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 16:28

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Game Culture Studies was awarded the Annual Research Award in the anniversary party organised at the University of Tampere on Wednesday. Finland's first CoE in game culture studies was launched at the University of Tampere at the beginning of 2018. The Academy of Finland -funded CoE examines the transformation of culture and society through the lens of games. The perspective and scope of the research project are unique also internationally. The CoE is directed by Professor Frans Mäyrä.

Professor of Early Childhood Education Kirsti Karila was granted the University of Tampere’s Social Impact Award. Since 2000 and during the reign of five Prime Ministers, Karila has been a member of various working groups that plan early childhood education policies in Finland. Last year, Minister of Education and Culture appointed Kirsti Karila, Research Director Tuomas Kosonen and Director of Early Childhood Education Satu Järvenkallas to explore the future of early childhood education until 2030. The result of their investigation was handed over to the Minister last June.

On the day of the anniversary party, three recently appointed professors held their celebration lecture. The title of Professor of Education Annalisa Sannino’s lecture was Learning and agency to eradicate homelessness: An activity-theoretical perspective on an enacted utopia.  Professor of Social Policy Liisa Häikiö’s talk was called Freedom of science. Professor of Paediatrics Kaija-Leena Kolho’s title was Gut microbiota and the morbidity of children.

Professor Frans Mäyrä, +358 50 336 7650, frans.mayra@uta.fi
Professor Kirsti Karila, +358 50 396 9675, kirsti.karila@uta.fi