The joint guidelines for study are now available on a new website!

Submitted on Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:27

The joint guidelines for study at the University of Tampere are now available on the new Study Guide website: The University’s general Studies pages will soon be deleted. Visitors to the old Studies pages will be automatically transferred to the Study Guide.  

The pages of the international Master’s Degree Programmes will work until the end of the autumn term 2017. The study-related contents on those pages will be transferred to the Study Guide by the end of the year. From the beginning of 2018, master’s students can find the guidelines concerning their studies only in the Study Guide.

The Study Guide website is public and does not require sign-on.

The main user group of the Study Guide are all the students at the University of Tampere but other users, such as University employees, also visit the site.  

You can access the Study Guide via the top of the University home page next to the drop-down menu for Students & Staff.  

For the time being, the Faculties’ Doctoral studies pages will remain unchanged and information for doctoral students can be found on both the old website and the Study Guide. Information concerning doctoral students’ studies will be transferred to the Study Guide during the autumn term.

The Study Guide features the following information, among other things:

· Information on study periods and the academic calendar, registering for the semester, physical and electronic learning environments, and study-related practices and regulations (Essential information section)

· The practical issues related to the start of studies (Starting your studies section)

· Study-related practices, such as planning your studies, taking exams, internships, optional studies and getting the grade for a completed study module (During your studies section)

· Issues related to graduation (Graduating section)

· Issues related to studying and working abroad (Internationalisation section)

· Cooperation with employers and information on entrepreneurship (Working life section)

The new concept includes the Faculties only having a concise description of their activities (please see e.g. In the new concept, study-related information is only published on the Study Guide website and no longer on the Faculty or the Degree Programme pages.

Further information: Study services,