The University of Tampere admits 2,000 new students

Submitted on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 16:13

Approximately 2,000 new students will begin their studies at the University of Tampere next autumn. The results of the 2018 round of applications are now in. However, study places continue to be filled from the reserve lists until the end of July.

In the joint application round of Finnish universities, a total of 20,748 applicants applied to study in either bachelor’s or master’s programmes at the University of Tampere. The most popular programme was the Licentiate Degree Programme in Medicine with 1,599 primary applicants. (The total number of applicants was 4,633.) 1,319 applicants participated in the entrance exams and 145 were admitted. The second most popular study option was the Degree Programme in Business Studies with 1,218 applications, with 135 admitted. (The total number of applicants was 4,241.)

The next most popular fields were administrative sciences, class teacher training and the Degree Programme in Psychology. In the joint admissions, the most students in bachelor’s and master’s programmes among the six Faculties of UTA were admitted by the Faculty of Management which offers programmes in administrative sciences, business studies and political science.

The University of Tampere’s Finnish-language master’s degree programmes were also included in the joint admissions procedure.  If applicants to the master’s programmes are included, the total number of applicants to the University of Tampere was 22,239. When looking at the number of applicants to bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes relative to the number of starting places, the University of Tampere continues to be the most popular multidisciplinary university in Finland.

A total of 1,400 new students were admitted into bachelor’s and master’s programmes at the University of Tampere through the joint application of higher education institutions based on the entrance exams and/or the grades in the matriculation examination certificate. About one third of them are new secondary school graduates.

In addition, 281 applicants were admitted into Finnish-language master’s degree programmes directly. Of the 863 applications to English-language master’s degree programmes, 196 led to admission. In addition, about 150 students are offered a place to study through a transfer application or on the basis of Open University or separate university studies.

Students must accept their place to study received through the joint applications procedure or transfer of studies by 15.00 o’clock (3 pm.) on Tuesday 10 July 2018.

The opening ceremony of the academic year 2018-2019 will be organised on Wednesday, September 5 2018.

Applicants may review their results in MyStudyinfo on

Inquiries: Director of Study Services Mikko Markkola, tel. 050 532 9060