Upper secondary school’s move to main campus receives Annual Achievement Award

Submitted on Wed, 04/26/2017 - 18:01

The upper secondary school of the Teacher Training School receives the University of Tampere’s Annual Achievement Award for moving to the main campus. At the start of the autumn term of 2016, the upper secondary school permanently relocated to the main campus.

“As a part of the campus, people from the school and the University have natural interaction and are able to meet and learn from each other,” the jury states.

“At the same time, a new continuum is created from a learner to a student as well as versatile cooperation in the implementation of learning content.”

“The upper secondary school pupils may attend certain courses at the University and get used to university studying when they are still at school,” says Dean Risto Honkonen from the Faculty of Education.

In the Teacher Training School, the experiences of the University environment have been positive.

“The academic environment has been very inspiring for both pupils and teachers,” says Principal Arja Aalto-Laaksonen from the Teacher Training School.

“A second-year pupil may already have completed several university courses,” she continues.

The upper secondary school pupils have adjusted their studying and behaviour to the more adult environment on the main campus.

During the academic year, the School has also created an open learning environment where the University’s mathematics teachers, teacher trainees specialising in mathematics, and upper secondary school pupils and their teachers solve mathematics problems together.

The teachers of the University’s Language Centre and the upper secondary school have discussed the new curricula and the prior language skills the pupils need when they start studying at university. Research has also started.

“The upper secondary school’s location on the University campus is also really valuable and increases interest in our school,” Dean Honkonen adds.

The Annual Achievement Award is conferred for significant achievements in teaching or research or for other activities benefitting the University.

The upper secondary school received the award in the University’s Anniversary Party on 26 April.

University of Tampere’s Teacher Training School

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