Science prizes awarded by the University of Tampere

Science prizes awarded by the University of Tampere

Maki Celiac Disease Tampere Prize

The University of Tampere established the international Maki Celiac Disease Tampere Prize in 2015. The prize is € 15,000 and it is awarded every other year.

2015 Professor Detlef Schuppan

The first awardee in 2015 was Professor Detlef Schuppan from Germany.

In 1997, Schuppan and his research team identified the tissue transglutaminase protein as the autoantigen in the gluten-triggered celiac disease. The discovery took the research on celiac disease to an entirely new level.

2016 Professor Chaitan Khosla

Professor Chaitan Khosla directs the new Chemistry, Engineering and Medicine for Human Health Department at Stanford University.

Professor Khosla was the first to demonstrate the structural basis for gluten intolerance in celiac disease, published in the journal Science in 2002. He demonstrated that the resistance of gluten to degradation in the gastrointestinal tract leads to the generation of relatively long proline-rich gluten fragments that harbour the most immunodominant gluten epitopes involved in celiac disease.

UTA Annual Science Prize

The Annual Science Prize was established in order to encourage and highlight the research undertaken at the University of Tampere.

The prize is awarded annually to a researcher or a research team for significant scientific work. The prize was first awarded in 2013. It is awarded at the University’s annual staff party at the end of April each year.

The prize was awarded to

  • Professor Terho Lehtimäki in 2013
  • Doctor of Medicine Raine Sihvonen in 2014
  • Professor Pirkko Pitkänen in 2015
  • Professor Jyrki Nummenmaa with his research group in 2016
  • Adjunct Professor Olli Lohi with his research group in 2017