Speakers Series: Marx on the Dialectical Role of Capitalism

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Pinni B building, lecture hall B1097 (address: Kanslerinrinne 1, 1st fl.)

University of Tampere
Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) in cooperation with the New Social Research Programme (NSR)

Speakers Series 2017-2018, Spring

Associate Professor Marcello Musto, York University, Toronto
Marx on the Dialectical Role of Capitalism

In Capital, and through his whole oeuvre, Marx indicated six conditions generated by capitalist mode of production, which are fundamental prerequisites for the birth of communist society: 1) cooperative labour; 2) the application of science and technology to production; 3) the appropriation of the forces of nature by production; 4) the creation of large machinery that workers can only operate in common; 5) the economizing of the means of production; and 6) the tendency to create the world market.

Although Marx held that capitalism created the historical conditions for the workers’ movement to struggle for a communist transformation of society, he did not think that this idea could be applied in a rigid, dogmatic manner. On the contrary, he denied more than once that he had developed a unidirectional interpretation of history, in which human beings were everywhere destined to follow the same path.

The talk will highlight how Marx repudiated the thesis, wrongly attributed to him, that capitalism was everywhere historically inevitable and that the socialist mode of production could be constructed only through certain fixed stages.

What is the Speakers Series of the University of Tampere?
 - The Speakers Series is a series of Studia Generalia Lectures in the  Study of Society organized weekly by the University of Tampere Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) in cooperation with the New Social  Research Programme (NSR). The lectures are given by the Research Fellows  as well as the distinguished guests of the IASR and the NSR. For the  programme, please check the IASR website www.uta.fi/iasr/lectures/.



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