Research at UTA

Research at UTA

Our researchers work in the Faculties where the work has been organised in research centres and groups. In addition, several multidisciplinary research communities are active at the University.

Faculties, research centres and other research communities

Current Research Information System

The Current Research Information System at the University of Tampere provides information on the experts at the University and their scientific activities.

Centres of Excellence in Research

The Academy of Finland's Centres of Excellence (CoE) are the flagships of Finnish research. They are high-quality research units and graduate schools with a chance of attaining a leading international position in their research fields. 

 Currently the University of Tampere is coordinating two CoEs:

The University of Tampere is also a partner university in two other Centres of Excellence:

For the period of 2018–2025, the University of Tampere has received two Centres of Excellence (CoE) in the fields of historical and game studies research, and is also involved in three other Centres of Excellence in the fields of tumour genetics research, body-on-chip research and research on ageing and care.

FiDiPro Professors

FiDiPro – the Finland Distinguished Professor Programme is a funding programme for top researchers in science and technology. Led and financed by the Academy of Finland and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, FiDiPro provides competitive grants to projects recruiting highly merited scientists, who are able to commit to long-term cooperation with a Finnish university or research institute.

FiDiPro Professors at UTA

Lisa AdkinsProfessor Lisa Adkins

Academy of Finland 2015–2019
Faculty of Social Sciences 

Professor Lisa Adkins the BHP Billiton Chair of Sociology at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She is joint Editor-in-Chief of Australian Feminist Studies. She has previously held posts at Goldsmiths, University of London; the University of Manchester; and the Australian National University. She is a graduate of the University of Sussex and the University of Lancaster. 

Lisa Adkins' research interests and contributions to sociology fall into three main areas: social and cultural theory, economic sociology (especially the sociology of post-industrial economies and the new political economy), and  feminist theory and the sociology of gender. Her recent research focuses on the restructuring of labour, money and time in post-Fordist capitalism.

Professor Roger W. Beuerman

Tekes 2012–2017
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Professor Roger Beuerman is the Senior Scientific Director of the Singapore Eye Research Institute. His focus has been on understanding eye disease for the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious disease.

As a FiDiPro Professor, Beuerman will work in collaboration with Professor Hannu Uusitalo. Their research project aims at finding biomarkes that indicate the existence or risk of a disease, which makes it possible to plan a patient's care individually and effectively. 

Professor George Steven Bova

Suomen Akatemia 2012–2017
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Professor George Steven Bova is a highly merited scientist in lethal metastatic prostate cancer who has successfully commercialised his research innovations. As FiDiPro Professor, Bova will continue the analysis of the mechanics of prostate cancer and create programs to research rare and common cancers in Finland.

Effective individualized cancer prevention and therapy have been impeded by the fact that the present research has been unable to distinguish critically important observations from irrelevant ones. In order to identify important individual differences between patients with cancer, the patient and the patient’s cancer, heredity and environment (including the patient’s other illnesses) must be taken into consideration.  In this research, Professor Bova will work to develop molecular autopsy studies.

Professor Malin Flodstöm-Tullberg

Tekes 2015–2017
Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences

Professor Malin Flodstöm-Tullberg (Karolinska Institutet) has unique expertise in the research of virus-generated diabetes. 

At UTA, Flodstöm-Tullberg will work in collaboration with Academy Researcher Vesa Hytönen and Professor Heikki Hyöty in the THERDIAB research project. They will focus on the connection between enteroviruses and type 1 diabetes, and will aim at developing vaccines and medication against these viruses.