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Leadership for Change

Overview of the curriculum 2017-2019

Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change (LFC), 120 ECTS

a) Joint Programme Studies 30 ECTS
b) Advanced Studies 65 ECTS
c) Free Choice Studies 25 ECTS

a) Joint Programme Studies 70 ECTS [link to UTA curricula guides]

  • Module: Introduction to Leadership for Change (10 ECTS) consists of the following courses:
    Orientation, 2 ECTS
    Perspectives to sustainable organisational and societal change, 3 ECTS
    Current Trends in Leadership, 5 ECTS
  • Module: Social and Organisational Theory (10 ECTS) consists of the following courses:
    Research on Society and Organisations, 5 ECTS
    Organisation Theory and Analysis, 5 ECTS
  • Module: Doing research on current change challenges (10 ECTS) consists of the following courses:
    Introduction to Science and Research, 2 ECTS
    Writing Clinic, 3 ECTS
    Case study: Examining leadership challenges, 5 ECTS

    Master's Seminar and Thesis, 40 ECTS

b) Advanced Studies 25 ECTS [link to UTA curricula guides]

  • Specialisation-specific advanced studies 25 ECTS, to be chosen according the student's specialisation:
    • Governance for Sustainable Change 25 ECTS:
      Performance management in public organizations, 5 ECTS
      Public Financial Management and Evolving Administrative Structures, 5 ECTS
      Innovation Paradigms and the Dynamics of Renewal, 10 ECTS
      Introduction to Public Administration Research, Reforms and Trends, 5 ECTS
    • Politics in Wider Europe 25 ECTS:
      Democratic Decision-Making, 5–10 ECTS
      European Integration and Disintegration, 5–10 ECTS
      Trends in Global Politics, 5–10 ECTS

    • Sustainable Business Management 25 ECTS:
      Re-Thinking Value Creation, 5 ECTS
      Practices of Strategic Leadership, 5 ECTS
      Understanding Legal Regulation of Business, 5 ECTS
      Modern Risk Management, 5 ECTS
      Budgeting and Capital Budgeting (online course), 5 ECTS

c) Free Choice Studies 25 ECTS

LFC students have the opportunity to freely choose available UTA courses based on individual interest. Please see e.g. the Faculty of Management curricula guide. The Faculty of Management and other faculties offer a variety of courses in English, which will be found in the teaching schedules.

In addition, Finnish language courses are strongly recommended for non-Finns and the language studies are included in the free choice studies.

Cross-Border International Relations Double Degree Studies 25 ECTS

Students following the degree structure for Russian double degree studies include this module in their degree:
Bilateral and Multilateral Political Dynamics in Northern Europe 5 ECTS
From Finnish-Russian Relations to EU-RUssian Relations 5 ECTS
Foreign Policy Analysis Colloquium 5 ECTS
Changing Security Dynamics in the Baltic Sea Region 5 ECTS
CBIR Research Seminars 5 ECTS

Teaching schedules

The teaching schedule lists all the courses taught during a specific academic year. The teaching schedule for the MDP in Leadership for Change 2017-2018 

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