Laboratory Services professionally and efficiently deliver both basic and core facility services.

High-quality services are our core competence.

Our basic services include the cleaning and maintenance of laboratory equipment, purchasing and logistics services and sample storage. The core facility services require special professional skills.

Our professionals produce the basic services in a centralised and well‑organised manner. We use modern methods and tools, and we actively maintain and develop the capabilities of our employees.

The quality of the services is ensured by

  • our professional staff
  • a comprehensive quality management system
  • continuing education

Aiming to become a Centre of Excellence

The laboratory’s operations are a central part of the health-related research activities at the University of Tampere. Areas of focus include biotechnology; mitochondrial, oncological and cardiovascular research; vaccine development; immunological and inflammation research; and research on cellular and tissue technology.

Laboratory Services’ activities enable the knowledge hub that is the Kauppi campus to act as a national and international Centre of Excellence. Laboratory Services offer the perfect environment to enable researchers to concentrate on their research.

In addition to the higher education institutions in Tampere, we also cooperate with the Pirkanmaa Hospital District and offer our services to other educational institutions in the region.

We also actively seek out partners among local, national and multinational businesses.