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JOO Studies

If you are a registered degree student at a Finnish university, you are entitled to apply for minor subject studies at any other Finnish university without paying any fees. This is called the JOO agreement.

The studies should be of a nature which you would not be able to undertake in your home university and which can be included in your degree.

A student wishing to take JOO studies at a host university must make an application to his/her home faculty. The Faculty processes the application, and if the study right is supported, the Faculty forwards the application to the host university. The final decision on granting the study right is made at the host university.

PLEASE NOTE that UTA degree students may apply to take cross-institutional studies at the Tampere University of Technology and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences using a new Tampere3 cross-institutional system. Check first the availability of your desired course units in the new Tampere3 cross-institutional studies tool. If the course units are not available there, you may submit a JOO application.

Criteria used in assessing JOO applications

JOO studies in another university are free of charge to the student. As, however, the host university charges the home university, a number of criteria have been set. Thus the student and the studies must meet the following criteria:

  • Student needs to be registered as an attending student at the home university during the JOO studies. At the time of making the application student may be non-attending as long as the UTA Basic User Account is functioning (BUA is needed in electronic JOO application).
  • New students are normally to make an application for JOO studies only during their second term in Spring. The JOO studies may be started only during the second year, provided that the studies in the major subject are going smoothly.
  • Similar course units as offered by the home university are not accepted. Similar course units as offered by TUT and TAMK in Tampere3 cross-institutional study offering are not accepted.
  • The studies must be suitable so that they can be included in the degree taken at the home university. Often the name of the course unit does not reveal much, so the student must explain why the course unit is suitable.
  • For students studying in a Master's degree programme, the studies taken at the home university and the host university together normally must not exceed 120 ECTS credits
  • Courses from Open University are not eligible
  • The student may not be a degree student at the university where the JOO studies are to be taken.

The right to complete courses in other Finnish universities is always granted for a fixed period. The study right begins when the host university grants you the right to complete the JOO-studies. The study right is valid for the maximum of two (2) academic years.

The flexible study right expires automatically if you graduate from your home university or if you, during the time your study right is valid, get a degree student status in the host university. The new home university may however charge the old home university for studies completed before the student received the degree student status.

Making the application

JOO-applications can not be send during 15.12.2018 - 31.3.2019. During the servicebreak applications will not be received at Joopas-system. If you intend to apply for studies at spring 2019, please note that your application must be received before 15 December 2018.

JOO application is made online using the JOOPAS electronic system for studies in these universities. Students sign in by using their UTA basic user account password. The JOOPAS system assumes that UTA students are using their email account.

The JOOPAS system allows you to follow online your JOO application. You will also get email each time either the home university or the host university makes a decision regarding your application. You will need to log into the JOOPAS system to see the decision.

Please note that some fields in the online application form get their information directly from the UTA student register and you cannot change this information manually. Thus, remember to inform UTA via NettiOpsu for example of any changes in your postal address.

Universities not mentioned in the list above are not using the online system and accept applications only in paper form. The application form is to be printed from the JOOPAS system and filled by hand.

Please attach the following to your application:

  • UTA transcript of studies
  • HOPS personal study plan
  • Doctoral students are required to include a statement from their supervisor on the suitability of the studies

With one application form you can apply for studies organized only by one faculty/department at the host university. If you want to apply for a study right in more than one university and/or for several faculties/departments of the university, you must fill in applications accordingly.

Normally, it takes about two weeks for the Faculty to process the application and send it to the host university.

The applications not meeting the criteria described above will not be approved.

Students must always check the deadline by which the application must reach the host university and send the application to the home Faculty for approval in time. The host university, too, needs to process the application and in addition to give the JOO student the necessary information on registration, computer usages etc.

The School sends all approved applications to the host university. The final decision regarding the right to take JOO studies is made by the host university.

If your study right at the host university is given for a period that overlaps two academic years, you must enrol as present at the host university sometime in June-August (the same time as at the home university) so that you can continue your JOO studies there.

To transfer the studies taken to the home university study register from other universities, the student must ask for the original official transcript at the host university's student services office. An official transcript bears the signature of the appropriate university official and the stamp of the university.

For more information, please see:
JOOPAS website

Faculty-specific special instructions

Faculty of Communication Sciences

There is no fixed application period for submitting an application for JOO studies at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, applications are processed constantly during semesters. The applications must be submitted well in advance, no later than about 30 days before the beginning of the desired studies.

Applications are supported based on the following criteria:

  • The student needs to be registered as a present student at the University of Tampere during the JOO studies.
  • The studies to be completed at the JOO host university are not available at the University of Tampere or within the Tampere3 cross-institutional offering, but they can still be meaningfully incorporated into the degree.
  • JOO applications are supported for studies beginning in the autumn of the second year of studies at the earliest.
  • The assessment criteria include the suitability of the studies for the degree, the student's justifications for applying for the right to study, the progress of the student's studies at his/her home university and the inclusion of the studies in the HOPS plan.
  • As a general rule, study rights are not granted for
    • studies that exceed the minimum scope of the degree
    • advanced studies
    • individual course units; with the exception of course units that can be considered to support the preparation of the final thesis.
  • Study rights are not granted for completing mandatory language studies at other universities.
  • A study right cannot be granted if the student in question is a degree student at the host university or the courses are open university courses.
  • The JOO studies of students completing their degree in an English-language master's programme must be approved by the degree programme. The application must be appended with a recommendation from the degree programme's HOPS instructor or the student's thesis supervisor.

JOO studies for students from other universitites at the Faculty of Communication Sciences

There is no fixed application period for submitting an application for JOO studies at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, applications are processed constantly during semesters.

Study modules offered bu the faculty's degree programmes as free choice studies can also be applied for as JOO studies. In the Degree Programme in Information Studies and Interactive Media, JOO students can only complete basic studies courses (25 ECTS).

Modules offered as free choice studies


Faculty of Natural Sciences

Applying for and enrolling in TUT

Tampere University of Technology is flexible in accepting JOO applications. However, you must submit your JOO application to your home university well in advance, about one month before the beginning of the course. When applying for TUT courses, you do not need to fill in a separate application form for each discipline/faculty, which is the normal procedure for JOO applications. Instead, applications for all TUT disciplines and courses can be submitted on the same form.

Please observe the instructions issued by TUT upon granting the right to study. TUT will not send enrolment instructions to JOO students. You use your electronic application form to read them through the JOOPAS service. Remember to use TUT’s POP portal to register for all courses you intend to complete. You must also register for the course exam and cancel the registration if you are unable to attend.

In addition to this, remember to enrol as present at the TUT for the autumn and spring semesters (in the summer, around the same time as for UTA, if your right to study will continue from one academic year to the next through the summer). Also see the TUT instructions for JOO students. If you have questions regarding your study right at TUT or TUT’s practices in general, please contact the address listed on the TUT website.

Physics and chemistry studies for school subject teachers

Applications for basic and intermediate studies in chemistry and physics at TUT can be submitted in accordance with the JOO procedure. The requirements for basic and intermediate studies in physics and chemistry are presented in the curriculum guide of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. More information on course content is available in the TUT curriculum guides. Apply for a right to JOO studies in physics and chemistry by applying for an entire module (e.g. basic studies in chemistry) and also listing the individual courses that make up the module in the application. In this way, it is easier for the TUT staff to grant the JOO study right for one course at a time (the rights are transferred to TUT’s POP system).

Transferring study attainments to your own university

Courses completed at TUT and TAMK are automatically transferred to the University of Tampere. Courses completed at other universities, on the other hand, are not automatically recorded in the University of Tampere study register. In these cases, students who have completed a course must request an officially verified transcript of records, which must then be submitted to the appropriate faculty office.

However, a JOO student studying at TUT can e-mail a transcript of records to a member of UTA’s administrative staff via TUT’s POP portal. With regard to chemistry and physics, the transcript must be ordered to the e-mail address of the person listed below. For other subjects, the transcript must be requested to the e-mail address of Kirsi Tuominen.

All module grade requests regarding studies in physics and chemistry must be sent collectively to For example, if you will be incorporating basic studies in physics into your bachelor’s degree and the intermediate studies later into your master’s degree, please request a module grade for the basic studies first, followed by a module grade for the intermediate studies and the subject you intend to teach at a later time.

More information on JOO matters at the Faculty of Natural Sciences is provided by Kirsi Tuominen-Hautala.