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Taking exams at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Degree programme in Mathematics and Statistics and Degree Programme in Computer Sciences


The Faculty’s exam dates are published on the electronic teaching schedule. The Faculty’s exams are arranged jointly for both degree programmes.

Normally, course units are completed through mid-term or final exams, which means that the exams held on general exam days primarily provide the opportunity for retakes and complete exams related to separate course units.

Thesis-related maturity tests are usually completed on general exam days or via the electronic exam system. You can enrol for maturity tests in the same way as for other exams, but you must also name the supervisor of your thesis.

If you require special arrangements for the exam (access to a computer, for example), you must mention this in connection to the enrolment and present a proposal on the possible special arrangement to the instructor of the course.

Enrolling and cancelling your enrolment

Enrolments for all exams held on the Faculty’s exam day must be submitted electronically through NettiOpsu. Open University students must enrol through NettiRekka.

Enrolments for exams related to any course education provided must be submitted as instructed by the instructor of each respective course.

Enrolments for exams held on the general exam days and related cancellations must be submitted in accordance with the University’s common guidelines. The course instructor can accept post-registrations based on acceptable reasons for the delay. However, it is the recommendation of the Faculty’s degree programmes that students only take one exam at a time.

Conduct in an exam

The University’s common guidelines must be observed in exams held on the general exam day and in electronic exams. However, the following specifications have been issued with regard to general exams under the degree programmes of the Faculty of Natural Sciences:

The items and materials you can use in the exam are listed on the exam sheet. In exams on Mathematics and Statistics, books containing calculation formulae or other similar materials are not permitted unless otherwise agreed. Calculators may not be used in mathematics exams, whereas they are generally permitted in statistics exams (programmable calculators are prohibited). This can be confirmed with the examiner before the exam.

The question and answer sheets must be picked up from the front of the hall, and the seating in the hall must be filled starting from the front. An examinee may only take the question sheet for one exam at a time. If you intend to complete two exams, you must notify the invigilator of the matter and take a seat on  the edge of a row or in the front row.

The time allotted for a general literature exam is four hours. More or less time may be provided for a lecture exam connected to a course unit. This will be communicated in advance.

Leaving the exam

You may leave an exam no earlier than 30 minutes after its start and you have entered your name in the circulating name list. You must arrive for the exam within this 30-minute period. You cannot leave the examination during the last 15 minutes. The last quarter is dedicated to revising the answers.

Always return your answer sheet to the invigilator at the front. As the invigilator verifies your identity, he/she will also ask you to enter your name on the list of students who have handed in their answers.


If the exam grading period is likely to exceed the recommended three weeks, the instructor in question must indicate this well in advance – in conjunction with the exam questions, for example.

The results of partial course completions are published in the manner indicated by the instructor to course participants only.

Exam archive (MTT)

The exam archive for the Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics can be found on the University’s Intranet page “Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics”. To browse the archive, you need to log into the Intranet ( and connect to the page in question.

The archive is a collection of mid-term and final exam questions from the autumn of 2012 onwards. The answers will also be published where possible.

Preparing for book exam (CS)

Instructions for CS book exams (pdf)