Student Associations

Student and faculty associations

Established by students of one or more disciplines, student associations organise a variety of activities. They serve to represent and supervise the interests of students in the same field or faculty. Within its own faculty, a student association can influence educational planning and the development of the study environment. It can also help maintain a positive atmosphere for students.

Student and faculty associations on the Tamy website

Hobby associations

At the moment, approximately 40 hobby associations operate within Tamy. These associations are formed around a hobby or a conviction, and the majority of the members are Tamy’s members. You can usually take part in the activities of hobby associations regardless of your field of study.

Through a hobby association, you can for example:

  • make the world a better place
  • explore the world of beers and wines
  • serve in Tamy’s Council of Representatives
  • sing in a choir, play in an orchestra or perform on a theatre stage
  • take part in and organise various cultural activities covering everything from literature to dance
  • expand your international horizons, go to a sauna, debate, hike, play board games and sports, network and much more!

Hobby associations on the Tamy website