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Teaching Schedules

Teaching Schedules contain the names, contents, times and locations of the lectures, seminars and other teaching offered in English and in other foreign languages during the academic year. The faculty examination dates are also listed in the teaching schedules. The teaching schedules are available online only.

Study schedules for the upcoming autumn semester are updated and finalized annually in mid-May and for the upcoming spring semester in October-November. The study schedules will be updated throughout the academic year, so be sure to check the schedules regularly for possible changes and new courses. If you cannot find the course information you need, please contact the International Coordinator of the relevant faculty for information on available courses.

If there is no teaching offered in English for the course you are interested in, please see the curriculum or contact the teacher or the relevant International Coordinator for alternative possibilities to complete the course, as mentioned earlier. The University of Tampere is open to alternative solutions, especially when it comes to international students.

International exchange students of the Tampere University (City centre campus or Kauppi campus) can select studies also from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) or Hervanta campus. For more information, please see Cross-campus studies.

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