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Teaching Council Policy Guidelines 3: Academic Counselling at the University of Tampere

The Teaching Council has approved this document on 3 October 2011.

This is a summary of the guideline. Whole document can be found from the page Teaching Council Policy Guidelines in intra.


General Rights and Duties of Students and the University

The foundation for education and academic counselling at the University of Tampere is that its students are fully-fledged members of the University community. All University actors have rights and duties that correspond to their position.

Students are responsible for planning and carrying out their studies and for developing their expertise. The University is responsible for designing and implementing the curricula, the learning environment and instruction so that the students can realistically complete their studies within the proposed time. Students have the right to receive counselling that supports their learning and growth into experts, both as part instruction and separately as needed.

Students must take part in the academic counselling that is incorporated into their education, and they are responsible for seeking any other academic counselling they may need. The University is responsible for setting up and presenting the overall academic counselling structure so to that the information, advice and guidance needed for the smooth progress of studies is available and that it is easily accessible.

The University is not responsible for counselling related to the students’ mental health or economic and/or social issues, but must inform the students about the services offered in these areas by other, non-University bodies, for example the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS).

The functionality and effectiveness of academic counselling system are evaluated annually by the Teaching Council, for example in the discussion of student welfare issues.