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Accident insurance

The insurance policy covers University of Tampere students.

An accident is a sudden external event that causes bodily injury to a person without their intent. The statutory accident insurance covers medical expenses caused by the incident and provides compensation for any possible loss of earnings, for example.

  • No limitations to compensation amounts
  • No excess

The insurance policy covers any accidents that occur in study-related conditions and activities that are required for the completion of the degree, or  in activities that can be used to substitute for other mandatory degree requirements or gain credits when

  • the person in question participates in  practical training that is comparable to work tasks that are in line with the principles of the curriculum or degree,
  • on-the-job learning period or internship, or other activity at the educational institution in question or in a location designated by the organiser of the training or the party managing the institution.

The insurance policy covers accidents that occur

  • in direct transit from the educational institution or the person’s housing to the aforementioned internship or on-the-job learning location outside the institution or vice versa.

The statutory accident insurance does not  cover

  • accidents that occur during theory classes, breaks or other travel, or
  • class outings or similar  introductory trips.

Internship abroad

During an internship abroad,  Finnish students are covered by the insurance if they are completing a degree in Finland.

  • However, it should be noted that only activities related to the internship are eligible for coverage, in the same way as in Finland.
  • Students interning abroad must obtain the European Health Insurance Card.

When travelling abroad, students should  take out a travel insurance policy of their own.

Please note! The statutory accident insurance  does not cover foreign students who travel to Finland to complete internships included in their degrees or other exchange periods.

Read more about the accident insurance in the Intranet (login required, only in Finnish).