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Applying for an Extension and Restoring One’s Right to Study

The time allotted for completing a degree is limited for all degree students other than doctoral students. However, even doctoral students must register as present each year or they will lose their right to study.

Remember to keep an eye on how much time you have spent on your studies on the Student’s Desktop under Personal Data. If your right to study is about to expire before you complete your degree, you can apply for an extension to complete your studies. The relevant provisions and principles can be found on the page targeted completion times and validity of the right to study.

If you are a student in Open University, please contact your study coordinator.

Exchange and Visiting Students

Please read more about extending your exchange period on Admissions pages!

Degree Students

Applying for an extension and restoring one’s right to study

When to apply for an extension?

If your right to complete your degree is scheduled to expire at the end of July, you must apply for an extension no later than mid-April. If your right to complete your degree will expire at the end of December, you must apply for an extension by the end of October.
NOTE Separate instructions will be given for the academic year 2019-2020

How to apply for an extension?

1. If your right to study has not yet expired, apply for an extension electronically through the Student’s Desktop.

The link for applying for an extension is only displayed if your study right is about to end.

2. If your right to study has already ended,  apply for an extension by filling in a form and apply for the restoration of your right to study at the same time.

The applications and attachments are available on the Forms page.

More specific instructions and links to the relevant forms can be found under Forgot to Enrol?

Filling in the form and attachments

Please read the instructions attached to the application! Fill in the application and attachments carefully.

Only applications submitted with the appropriate attachments will be processed!

Please note that

  • the study plan, i.e. graduation plan, must be feasible
  • the plan must list all mandatory courses missing from the degree requirements (i.e. not shown in the study register)
  • if you are in the process of preparing your thesis, the appendices must include your instructor’s statement on its progress

Return the extension application with attachments to the Registrar's Office.

More information on the application is available from the study services of your own degree programme.

Extension decision

You will receive the decision on the extension by mail.

  • If the decision is positive, please register as a student in accordance with the appropriate instructions.
  • If the decision is negative and you are dissatisfied with it, you can request a rectification. See instructions in the application form.

Studying during a time extension

The only purpose of the extension is to provide the opportunity to complete studies missing from the degree requirements.

Please remember that you can supplement your degree as an alumni student!