Complete an internship abroad

An internship abroad is perfect for you if you would like to accumulate international work experience, for example, during the summer or some other time that best suits you and your study schedule. An internship is usually shorter than an exchange period that lasts an entire semester or academic year.

Depending on your faculty’s practices, you can complete an internship abroad as part of your degree programme or you can have it approved as part of the Internationalisation Module. Your degree programme is in charge of approving the internship location and recognising the period as part of your studies. More detailed information can be provided by your faculty’s internship contact person!

An internship position must be applied for independently well in advance. You can apply for and receive financial assistance for funding your internship abroad from the university if the internship will be incorporated into your degree. The options for financial assistance include the following: Erasmus internship grant, the faculty’s internship grant and the university’s travel grant.

A more detailed description of internship opportunities abroad, funding and the practices and contact persons of the various faculties can be found in the Internship section of the Study Guide.